Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Barn Charm #63

Awhile back, husband and I took a drive to check out
a home with ten acres and outbuildings including animal stalls
(too close to Interstate---incredibly noisy).
We drove around the area
and one point looked down from the top of a hill
to see this farm nestled below.
Of course, we had to go down and check it out!

Most of the barns and outbuildings are on one side
of the road and the house and small buildings are on the other side.--
typical of farms around here
where roads were put in right through the farmers' land.

I like this glimpse back into the wood covered hills.

Here is a quick glimpse of part of the house side.
I did not get a photo of the house.
We still had some leaves on the trees,
so there is still color rimming the farm.

For more barn views, please click below:


  1. such a great barn grouping. looks like a busy working place. i think i saw a weather wane. neat!! ( :

  2. It's a great barn and setting too!

  3. What a pretty scene. I love the touches of fall color still hanging on. I would not like a road running right through my farm.
    Thanks for visiting and your nice comment on my barn.

  4. It's a wonderful barn in a pretty setting. Too bad the road runs through the property and so close to the buildings!

  5. Its interesting how the road cuts through the farm. Nice looking barns though.

  6. This is a beautiful farm in a beautiful setting...too bad it isn't the one for sale.

  7. Now, that looks like an incredibly beautiful farm spread! The place is beautiful! Is it going to be yours? Will ya'll buy?

    Thank you for joining in 2012 & hope you'll return for a Happy New Year in 2013! =)

  8. It just amazes me how often your barn properties are split by public roads. Guess that's b/c you all are in a much more populated area. I don't think I've ever really seen that here. Expect the I-State has gone through large farm/ranch places, but not quite what you show. Hmm! Interesting how life in our world has changed in a few decades.


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