Monday, May 13, 2013

Feeling like an old tire and Monday's Prayer

Ever feel like an old tire?
Most days I feel useful, but some I don't.
I lay around like an old tire, 
praying and hoping for the strength to overcome the chronic illness
and rise up with energy to "go forth and be fruitful."

It didn't help that this ope-floor-plan 600 sq. ft. house
got to me yesterday.
No room with a chair in it to go and close the door
and have peace and quiet.
So I headed to the local nursery.
Asked by one of the owners, who knows me,
what I was looking for,
I replied,
I'm just escaping an open-floor-plan 600 sq. ft house.
He laughed, "Enough said--I get the picture totally!"
I did buy flowers though I had to cover them up last night
since I didn't get them planted 
and temps dipped to 32 degrees.

Monday's Prayer:
Lord, I thank You for Your grace that covers my weakness.
Thank You that Your power shines through my powerlessness.
In times of suffering or trial,
I pray for an added sense of Your presence
so I can grow stronger in You and not weaker.
Help me to know that Your grace covers my inadequacies.
In Jesus' name I pray.
------------GOD'S PROMISE-----------
My grace is sufficient for you,
for My strength is made perfect in weakness.
2 Corinthians 12:9

Blessings to you as you begin this week.


  1. Hi Beth, Yes---I guess we all feel like 'old tires' sometimes... We just got home from a week at the beach --so there's alot to do here to catch back up!!! Makes me want to go back to the beach!!!! ha ha

    Sorry about your tiny house. Hope you all can find a new place soon. I know you have looked and looked.

    God Bless.

  2. oh, beth. i've been really sick this week too. praying for you today.

    p.s. what are those pink trees in your header photo? lilacs? redbuds?


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