Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Corner View:Favorite clothes

My favorite clothes are my skirts.
I prefer wearing skirts and simple tops
to wearing slacks.

I grew up wearing dresses/skirts
and my first year of college was at a strict, Christian school
where pants were not permitted for daily wear to classes, the library,
and even the cafeteria.

A routine was born and it has remained.
It's much harder to find slacks that fit right
and a skirt is so 'forgiving' of those areas
that pants reveal as being less than satisfactory.

These colorful skirts are worn throughout spring and summer
and I'm still wearing some now that fall is here.
They are much cooler than slacks in the summer heat.

This one is a bit more tailored
and thus cannot always be worn (when an extra pound or two shows up).

My only button-down one.
It has a full skirt, but the button waistband doesn't like extra pounds either.

I have most of my fall/winter skirts out.
My two basic ones are a brown and a black (not shown) suede-like material
that are wonderful 'boot' skirts.

This is one of only two a-line skirts.
I prefer the fuller ones.
It is wool.

For more favorite clothes from around the world,
head on over to Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


  1. You have a great collection of summer skirts! So colorful! Wearing colorful clothing is perfect for a good mood, I think.

  2. Such cute skirts! I especially love the colorful button-down. Adorable!

  3. I love your skirts! I never wear skirts or dresses. Maybe I should try them again.

  4. I like skirts too! You know, my mom would never let me wear pants when we would go on a trip on the airplane.

  5. Perfect for the classroom! No one can ever say you have poor taste in pants!!

  6. I have the skirt second from the left in the first photo. It's one of my favorites. You have excellent taste, darling!

  7. Wow, so many skirts in so many beautiful colors. I like the colors very colorful.

  8. A beautiful variety. We weren't allowed to wear slacks on campus either and it was a state college.

  9. You have a very colorful collection. Great.

  10. You have a great collection of skirts, Beth. I especially love your Summer skirts.. Such pretty colors!

    I've never been a skirt or dress person --and ONLY wear them to church and special occasions. I prefer slacks but love pretty tops and sweaters.


  11. it took me years and years to shake off the skinny jeans + oversized top "uniform" of my youth, and to start wearing dresses and skirts! I now would always wear them, all year round, except that I'm too cold in the winter, and pants keep me warmer.

  12. you have beautiful skirts! i especially like the really colorful ones!

  13. Oh, I really like skirts, but I don´t have many and I have difficulty fiinding some I like. Look like you don´t have that problem ... what a collection and very pretty :)

  14. What a HOOT!! Some of what you chose and were wearing is exactly what I like best. Such a treat to see those neat clothes...


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