Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Corner View: in the distance

What I 'see' in the distance is retirement.
It will be at the end of the  2014/2015 school  year.
What I'm looking forward to: 

Taking Dillon to soccer and watching him play.

Playing dress up with Abigail (and Addison).

No longer having to take a personal day to get ready for
Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Having enough energy for the extra things like swimming.

Playing games.


Watching Colton play football.

Taking a grandchild on a trip to DC or Gettysburg.

Listening to Abigail play my mother's piano (and sing--she's hilarious.)

Flying to Texas at any time of the year
instead of the hottest month (August).
Visiting with my daughter and her family.

Going to the Pumpkin Patch with son and his kids
(shown here with his step-brother and daughter).

Growing more lilies and other flowers all around the farm house.

Reading, of course(as much as I want).

Lots of activities are hovering "in the distance."

They're called 'Retirement'.

Join Francesca for Corner View.


  1. Woohoo! I have a friend who recently retired and she says she's busier than she was when she worked. Looks like you will be too - but with fun things!

  2. only one year to go, and then there will be some very lucky grandchildren (and a happier grandmother!)

  3. ooh, all those fun things right around the corner!! and I sense you doing them already, in the joy you share from the photos!! I love the `dressing up` picture, how lucky your grandchildren are and how happy they will be to `play` with you:)♡

  4. Congratulations - that's not too far away!

  5. Oh my, what fun you'll have!!


  6. Sounds like something to really look forward to and not too far away!

  7. what a pleasure to look forwards to, but i bet that you are enjoying the precious moments all ready!

  8. it seems like a lot of pleasure and love ♥ to look forwards to, but i can see that you are all ready enjoying the precious moments!

  9. yey! long live that prospect!
    in reply to your comment; i am always so pleasantly surprised by how different people take to words. thank you for your reaction on the mistletoe, you've learned me something there! n♥

  10. That looks like a colorful new life. I think you will never get bored!


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