Sunday, April 19, 2015

Prom 2015

I am the junior class adviser. With that comes the responsibility of planning the prom and decorating for it.  It was this past Saturday April 18th.   It went great! No problems that night of and only minor, fixable ones beforehand.
Here I am ready to leave for the prom.  It was held in a near-by town at a convention hall.

Our theme was Sea of Love.  This picture doesn't do the dance floor justice.  It was quite elegant with a chandelier hanging down in the middle of columns draped with white and periwinkle organza weaved to look like sea waves. The blue rolls are the prom invitations rolled up and tied with twine for their scrapbooks.

Our wall of fish and shells.  They are suspended by fishing line on two twelve-ft. long fish nets.  The kids made the fish and spray painted and glittered white plastic shells.

Our ship wreck.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it lit up.  There were lights around the door.

My wonderful husband made the 8 ft. by 4 ft. ship masts which we then draped with organza and lights.  The seaweed was made from a kit with glitter added.

Our food table: cookies, pop, and water.  This doesn't show this area well either.  There are sea horses on small pedestals glued to a base that holds cookies.

The anchor and wheel which were built from a kit also (so was the ship wreck).

The senior prom queen and king.

 The senior prom court.

 My crew of 11 juniors who were a tremendous help in pulling this prom off.

Some cookies that I had made.  Prom 2015 is written in the sand with the sea waves lapping at the edge. I'm exhausted but thrilled. I rested most of the day.


  1. Beautiful prom--and you look lovely!

  2. You look MAVVVVVALOUS, Beth... Love that dress. Will this be you LAST prom????? I know you are looking forward to retirement...


  3. You do look MAVVVALOUS! And that dress is fabulous!


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