Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Psalm

Not one of our better days.  "Mrs. Personality" snarled at the meeting this morning and for a moment looked like she was going for a teacher's jugular.  The bell rang and I walked out.  Most of us were cranky the rest of the morning and some all day.     Professional most certainly went out of "The Professional Development" this morning and it's a puzzle that no one wants to solve for fear of the answer.

On the bright side, my juniors took the end of the nine week's test seriously.  The essays were set up so that their personal opinion largely determined the answer.  But they did have to THINK.  I read a few of the short essays about their definition of an American today.  That threw some.  I actually had to say, "Kids, you are Americans.  What are you?  What does that mean?  We just finished up the unit on  very early American lit.  It's the 18th century where there were three colonies and the three main forms of writing were: journals, histories, and sermons.  "American" was just becoming a term
During this unit, they read an excerpt from Jonathan Edwards sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God."  You should have seen someof their faces when I called it a "Hellfire and Damnation Sermon!"  I had to assure them that it was an actual and acceptable term.  I laughed and said, "You're looking at me like I'm cussing.  I'm not."

Husband is home and that has been quite nice.  He's set up the big desk that was recently given to him in the basement in a well-lit corner of one of the rooms. (This desk belonged to his best friend up until age 23 when we tragically lost Rusty in a freak accident.  Rusty's mother died two years ago and his sisters sold the family home.  They wanted Mike to have Rusty's desk.  Mike is like a brother to them.)

 He hooked up Internet down there, so now we have our separate work spaces. Nice.

Well, I'm tired and ready for bed.  Here's the end of the week, beginning of the weekend Psalm.

 To the Chief Musician; [set to the tune of ]"Do Not Destroy."
A record of memorable thoughts of David when he fled from Saul in the cave.

BE MERCIFUL and gracious to me, O God, be merciful and gracious to me,
 for my soul takes refuge and finds shelter and confidence in You;
yes, in the shadow of Your wings will I take refuge and be confident
until calamities and destructive storms are passed. 

I will cry to God Most High, Who performs on my behalf and rewards me
[Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them]!

He will send from heaven and save me from the slanders and reproaches of him
who would trample me down or swallow me up,
and He will put him to shame. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!
God will send forth His mercy and loving-kindness and His truth and faithfulness.

My life is among lions; I must lie among those who are aflame--
the sons of men whose teeth are spears and arrows,
their tongues are sharp swords.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!  Let Your glory be over all the earth!

My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is steadfast and confident!
I will sing and make melody.

I will praise and give thanks to You, O Lord, among the peoples;
I will sing praises to You among the nations.

For Your mercy and loving-kindness are great, reaching to the heavens,
and Your truth and faithfulness to the clouds.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;
let Your glory be over all the earth.

Psalm57:  1-5, 7, 9-11

Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend.

Both pictures show  more of the area I drive every week day.
This was late afternoon and a storm was brewing.


  1. Great pictures and Psalms, Beth... Sorry that one teacher can cause so much trouble... Can you imagine what kind of teacher she is????? Yipes!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend. Glad Hubby is HOME.

  2. I love those November skies... it finally turned cooler here - 58 degrees this morning. I'm sorry about "Mrs. Personality" (although the title makes me smile.) I'll bet you felt you WERE among "lions."

    Love the "hellfire and damnation" story : )

  3. Your photos carry such a strong message with your words ... and the road that curves to the side. Sometimes a lesser traveled road brings new insight.

  4. i enjoy the peeks into your life. it is good "relationship development" with your blog friends, like me :-)

    are all required to go to this "professional development" time?

    what is the goal, or definition, of professional, and how is it to be developed?

    i wonder, if you are already professionals, who would want you to develop, what would they want you to develop, and how?

    i am a curious sort. a very curious sort.


  5. isn't it amazing what a camera can do for our eye sight "
    thanks for a wonderful comment.....

  6. hey, i just read a novel that referenced jonathan edward's "Sinners in the hands of an angry God" sermon!

  7. You are one good and practical teacher. A blessing to many I am certain!]


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