Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Little Boy and the Beginning of the Week Prayer

This summer I visited my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson
in Dallas, Texas.
We spent an afternoon at my son-in-law's mother and step-dad's.
They had a generously sized sand box built for their first grandchild.
It probably makes the top five in his list of favorite activities.
He loves his trucks too.

She's my first-born. 
When her brother came along, she showed some jealousy.

Then she too fell for the blond-haired, brown-eyed boy
with the ready smile
and the shy disposition.

A little mother was 'born'
and she's a natural.

She has helped raise many children in her 34 years (soon to be 35).
Now after waiting for life to reach a point
when a child would have a stay-at-home mother,
she had this 'little' guy.

He has a ready smile
and the sweetest disposition.

I've written about him before
as I've also done with my other four grandchildren
who live here in Ohio.

This is a favorite picture of him.  He's quite the quiet observer.
Not much passes his notice.
His eyes speak of deep thoughts.

He's a good and healthy eater--mostly vegetarian,
a lover of all sorts of beans.
Bread is a favorite and as good a treat as any cookie.
He has not had any sugar---any desserts.
Why even go there?
So far he knows not what he's missing.

This is precious to me: my daughter enjoying being this guy's mother
with him basking in the loving attention.

This was at Grandma Kim's and Papa John's (the owners of the sandbox).
I am now putting together a box of toys and books that fit his age.
I'm sorting through all those I have accumulated for the other four
along with the ones I kept from my children's play days.

I am  so looking forward to the 'mess'!

Why this post?
They will arrive in Ohio Monday and will be at my home Wednesday night
for a 'ham' Thanksgiving dinner.

Her brother and his family will be here also.
Five munchkins and six adults
in this tiny home.

The noise will be music to my ears
and joy to my soul.

Please pray for their safe journey through the skies.

Now for the Beginning of the Week Prayer:

From one of Stormie Omartian's book of prayers.

Dear Lord,

Give me a heart so full of Your love and peace
that I only speak words that bring life and not death to the people
and situations I am addressing.
Let the words of my mouth always be wise and fair.
May Your laws and commandments be so engraved on my heart
that goodness and righteousness are the fruit of my lips.
I know that I will always be on solid ground with You,
and I will not get off the path You have for me,
if I live Your way.
Help me to carefully guard the words I speak so that they always glorify You.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue,
and those who love it will eat its fruit.
Proverbs 18:21

At some point I hope to update you on the situation with these six boys
who have been causing trouble.
Our principal is working with us,
 but there are some issues that demand sensitivity and patience.

Meanwhile, please continue to pray for me and the rest of the staff
as we rise to the challenge.

Blessings to you all as you begin the new week!


  1. Oh I'm so happy that you are going to have your kids/grands at home for Thanksgiving. None of mine will be here ---so George and I are headed out to do something special.... I'll blog about it when we get home!!!!!

    Have a great week--and I will pray for you and those young boys at school.

  2. this is a very enjoyable post about your daughter and her little one.
    good times in the sand box...and all.

    thanks for keeping us updated on the rest.

  3. Adding an "amen" to your prayer ... and praying that your Thanksgiving will be blessed beyond compare and safe travels for all.

  4. Hope you have a most blessed and joyous time together. Can't imagine a more amazing hostess than you... your love and servant heart flow through your posts nearly as beautifully as they would if I were blessed to walk through your front door.

  5. and to you... have a wonderful time with your family...


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