Tuesday, March 1, 2011

God's lake presence

"Alone is not the same as lonely.
Sometimes being alone with God on our minds
is the best place to be."

The Gift of Peace by Ben Stein

The wind was a bit brisk the day I visited here with my camera. 
But I think the first good spring day I will return and hopefully snag that bench for awhile.
I always seem to hear God in a different way when I'm beside a body of water.

Maybe it's because every summer from the time I was born, my family went to Lake Erie.
The Methodist Conference, of which my dad was a member, had and still has their annual meetings
at Lakeside, a beautiful, peaceful lake resort that has been almost frozen in time.

The lake became my one constant in life as far as places. 
We didn't move as much as some ministers and their families
but any move was usually not welcomed by at least one of us kids.

When we moved to this little town of B'ville, I was 9.
We stayed until I was 18.
My closest friends lived in big, old houses that their families owned.
Many were filled with family antiques.
This town is a place that encourages such.

Not so us.
Our home in every town was owned by the church.
We didn't have family antiques.
Instead, mom scrimped and saved to buy a new piece of furniture
or lamp, etc.

It bothered me--this lack of ownership ---of continuity.
That may be why I love quilts so much---the one item that was handed down
was Grandma's quilt--actually in plural.
I still have one.

So Lake Erie became my yearly sustenance.
Then Seneca Lake took its place in proximity,
but not meaning.

Now I have a little lake less than 10 minutes from my home
I think I will be sitting beside it a lot this spring.
Sitting alone, but not lonely, as I feel God's special 'lake presence'.


  1. What a beautiful scene - and so much wisdom in that quote.

  2. I ccn relate...I feel God's presence especially when I go to the beach.

  3. Hi Beth, I have deep Methodist roots.. I was not in a parsonage family --but my family was very active in the Methodist Church. I went to church camp every year and even attended a Methodist College.

    After getting my BA degree, I taught school for awhile. Then I felt God leading me into church work. I got my master's degree in Christian Education--and worked as a Diaconal Minister and then Deacon in the United Methodist Church for over 25 years.

    My final job before retirement was as an Associate Minister. That was my first job as 'clergy' --and I enjoyed doing some preaching and other clergy responsibilities. However, my true calling was in the Christian Education area. I have great memories of my years of service in the Methodist Church...

    I had no idea that you were a Methodist minister's daughter... We need to visit each other --and sit and chat on that bench sometime (when it's warmer)....ha


  4. We were married by a Methodist minister... he was a great guy.

    Beth, your lake photos recently have been just masterful. They exude peace and beauty. And thank you for that quote.

    Loved your childhood memoir, too...

  5. you image whispers, "come," sit with me ...

  6. just a little note from me to let you know you won my give away : ) please send me your address and I will send you the brooche : )

  7. There really is something special about being by the water. For me it is the ocean. I could sit and watch the waves roll in for hours. Every so often I just get a longing to go to the ocean!
    Praying spring arrives with great joy very soon Beth!

  8. Absolutely agree! Something about the water - maybe it has to do with John 4:14 and the first chapter of Genesis...
    So glad to have found you at Betsy's site. Please join me at my history blog - I'd love to have you!

  9. I love sitting by water, too. Why is it that water is always so peaceful?

    And that quote is wonderful!

  10. Beautiful scenery and thoughts, Beth! I, too, enjoy being still beside water. I'm reminded of David's words: "He leads me beside still waters . . . "
    Have a blessed week!


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