Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Barn Charm #21

Awhile back, we attended a wedding in Dayton, Ohio.
On our way home, we got on old Rt. 40 east of Columbus,
so that I could take photos of barns.
(Such a patient husband I have.)

It was a gorgeous day and I got lots.
But I've just started blogging again
and am behind on reading and commenting on others' blogs.
Therefore, I will keep this barn charm short.

The above photo shows off the main barn.
The next photo reveals some of the other outbuildings
and a glimpse of the house and misc. vehicles and equipment.
A lone sheep completes the pictures.

I like the uniform white paint and that the roofs are in good shape.
I'm fascinated by all the doors in the big barn
and that every building either has a multitude of windows or doors
or one or two huge openings (the smaller sheds).
Also, the grass is cut and the leaves raked and collected or mulched--
all in all a well-maintained set-up.
The land is flatter in this part of Ohio.
There is a hint of the beginning of hilly countryside,
but nothing like what we have down here 
in "Little Switzerland."

A note to friends: I took a personal day and that has helped.
Blessings to all. 

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  1. It must help to have these lovely hilly surroundings, dotted with cute barns - even if just for a bit of distraction.


  2. That's a great barn! I love the big doors and little windows.
    Glad you had a personal day and that it helped.

  3. very all that white!

  4. Great the white buildings against the blue sky!

  5. Love the white barns in this gorgeous setting!

  6. howdy!
    oh that header photo! wooeeee it's nice. looking at the sharp reflection of blue sky.ahhhh.

    almost on the other side of christmas commercials and getting ready to remember to write 2012 instead of 2011. i am still not to hip on 20anything, actually. i must be a stubborn donkey.

    i hope you are doing well.


  7. Glad you took a personal day, Beth... Hope you can get through this week --and then have a nice holiday break...

    Great barn picture. I love seeing all of the barns which are shown on Barn Charm.

  8. Wonderful images.. your countryside looks so lovely.

  9. Wow, love all the photos. All white. Very cool!

  10. hope you're doing well Beth.

  11. That looks like a beautiful farm! (I am behind on blog visiting, too!)

  12. It's good to have you back. Hope you have a truly blessed Christmas break.

  13. I've missed you. However, I've also been behind and have spent hours today reading and catching up. So funny how the blog and FB people are more my friends and family than most of the ones around. NOT ALL, just most. One of these days we need to hang out on the phone for hours and meet each other.

    Bless you... and, yes, your husband is patient. Mine would be the same, but it ain't normal/natural for most husbands or wives. [Can't say I would be the way he would...]

  14. It's been very quiet here Beth, and I'm so glad you're back and doing a bit better.
    I pray you'll have a restful, blessed Christmas.

  15. Looks like a really nice, well maintained farm... great barn

    I'm very late this week visiting Barn Charmers, so sorry!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  16. What a lovely group of buildings and the barn is so nice. Another white one. Lovely shots this week. genie


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