Saturday, December 31, 2011

Family Christmas Review

Sara, her husband Jory, and her two children arrived first.  They wanted to get two-year-old Aaron down for a nap before my son's 'crew' arrived.

Here is Sara with Abby.  They wanted Abby to take a nap also, but held out little hope for that. (Previous blog shows how it finally did occur.)

 In a 'snug' home you improvise.  Abby had dinner in her car seat (the booster chair was at the lake place where it is most used) on top of a cooler full of pop, water, and juice.

This shows how this tiny house managed five adults and five children for a holiday dinner on Christmas eve.
From bottom left clockwise: Aaron, Jory, Peyton is hidden, Mike, Doug, and Addy. Peyton is Doug's 8-yr.-old and Addy is his 4-yr.-old. My seat was between Jory and Peyton.

 Here shows the opposite end.  We moved out the recliner from 'my grading corner' and expanded the table with two leaves.

Doug, Addy, Dillon-his 6-yr.-old, Sara, Abby hidden on the cooler beside Sara, Aaron, and Jory. 

I did not get fancy.  The pots went directly from stove to table. Paper plates were used as well as a paper tablecloth.  The whole idea was for me to be able to relax and enjoy being a part of the celebration with little clean-up required.  It was a success!

                 This photo documents a momentous occasion! Aaron got to eat a cookie. 
   He has not had dessert except for a tiny taste at his birthday party and once when his Uncle Doug
        (visiting them in Texas)gave him some Reese cups not realizing he wasn't supposed to.

 Here Aaron watched his cousins grab cookies, then he chose one, held it up, and asked, "What's this?"
                             We laughed and told him it was a cookie. 
              His parents allowed him to eat it and a Buckeye (an Ohio favorite).

This is the living room before all the presents were open.  Mike and Jory moved the couch against the fireplace so we would have room for everyone.

 Each child took a turn at opening a present beginning with the oldest then going clockwise:Peyton, Addy, Dillon,  Aaron, and  Abby.

Aaron's big present from us was a Tonka bulldozer complete with movement and sound.

 Uncle Doug was a favorite go-to person for both Aaron and Abby.  Aaron took the truck to Uncle D. to open for him. (Of course Daddy was video-taping it all, so his hands were full).

This is the big moment for Doug's kids.  They were to open their big present at once.
I had ordered a twin fleece blanket made for each of them in a favorite patten.
A lady at the Barnesville Farmer's Market makes them
and she had waited and bought the copyrighted material when it was on sale.
She then made one for each of Doug's kids and his step-son.

His kids like to wrap up in regular blankets to watch TV.
Peyton has been using a queen-size one
that I had given them when Doug set up his own household.

I tied the string a little too tight, so Peyton was the first to get hers out
(with my help).
It has peace signs and hearts on it in several pink shades, and lavender, and blue.

                                                 Dillon's is from the Cars movie.

Addy's is of Disney's princesses.

Dillon pulled his over his head. 
Each one has a solid fleece background sewn onto the back of the print.
The lady does an excellent job
and her blankets are a popular item especially at her Pumpkin Festival booth.

Not shown is Colton's Ohio State one.
Doug's stepson was unable to be there.

 Peyton wasted no time wrapping up in hers. Addy draped hers over her legs.
 Aaron came over to touch and admire Dillon's.

This is after all the children's presents had been opened
and before the paper was picked up.
Aaron found a free corner and proceeded to play quietly with his new toy.

This is a view from the front of the house and front part of the  living room
towards the back and the dining room.
The couch is normally facing this way.
Mike is opening a present from Doug, his girlfriend, and his kids

                               Here Doug has taken on the challenge of rocking Abby to sleep. 
                                He is determined to succeed and show off his prowess at this.
                                             He did succeed as my previous post showed.

                    That's a recap of our Christmas Eve celebration with my kids and our grandkids.
                    It was hectic, chaotic,and truly wonderful and we all were blessed to be together.

                                                               Tonight is New Year's Eve.
                                            May you all have a safe and happy celebration
                                       of the end of one year and the beginning of a new one.
                                                                   Blessings to you all.

                                        For last year's words belong to last year's language
                                            And next year's words await another voice.
                                             And to make an end is to make a beginning.

                                                         ~T.S. Eliot, "Little Gidding"

We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for potential.
                                                                 ~Ellen Goodman


  1. Great pictures! Looks like you all had fun.
    Happy New Year to you!

  2. Oh, I like that ... looking for potential rather than flaws.

    Thank you for all you've added to the blogging world this year, Beth. Blessings for a restoration of health in 2012.

  3. What a great celebration! I use a plastic table cover and disposable plates and cups when I entertain for the holidays too. I've found that my guests don't even notice that the plates were plastic, they're just glad I'm with them instead of washing dishes. :)

    Have a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Hello There, Happy New Year! Make it a good one. Live and love more and stop worrying about things that are beyond your control. Every day is a gift and you can choose what you do with it!


  5. you are one smart cookie...i like t he paper plate idea for ease...and...the blankets.

  6. What fun to see so much of your holiday celebrations, Beth...much joy & cheer there! :o) Great to be back in blogland after two weeks away at Christmas and catch up. Wishing you all the very best in 2012! Thank you for the sweet wishes! ((HUGS))

  7. minimum clean-up and maximum togetherness is my same strategy when I plan Christmas dinner! I love the individual blankets for the grandkids.

  8. Oh, your home is so beautifully warm and cosy. I love it! I think your table looked lovely, too. So glad you were able to enjoy your family Christmas in all its glad disarray (although from your photos I'd say it was pretty orderly, considering how many people you had in one house!)

    Love the T.S. Eliot quote, too. Thank you for your prayers, and for your encouragement and friendship over the past year. You know you are a bright spot in my life. May you know blessings of health and peace in 2012.

  9. P.S. That's a beautiful church in your header photo. What is it?

  10. WHAT A MESS!!!... and such a lot of fun. Glad you had a blessed time.


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