Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Barn Charm #55

In honor of Tricia's two year anniversary of barn charm,
I decided to post again.
 I have felt that lately my barns haven 't held their own with others in the collection
and thus backed out for awhile.

I came upon this mysterious beauty
when I took a side road (with trepidation).
It appeared when I least expected a building of any kind.
I immediately pulled over and went exploring,
of course heeding the "Keep Out!" signs.

Coming up on it.

Front view.

Side of it that I first saw. 
Like many around this part of Ohio, it is built into a hillside.

The other side of it.

It has a spring or cold house built partially into the ground of the hill.

I like how it soared!

This caught 'my fancy'.

For more views of barns, please check out Tricia's place.


  1. love the view with the spring house. you don't see them much any more. too great!! (:

  2. You found a good one! Nice job with the exploring.

  3. Oh Beth, please don't ever think that your barns don't hold their own... please don't! I love em & I love seeing everyone's barns every week...
    This one esp, maybe cuz of the mystery of the ol beauty, but I love it & would love to explore inside, for sure!

    Thank you very much for joining this week's Barn Charmiversary! =)

  4. Your Ohio barns are so interesting. I always want to explore them with you. The spring house is different as it's new to me. What was its use?

  5. I always enjoy your barns. That last shot is especially captivating.

  6. I don't know what you mean about your barns not holding their own...I am pretty sure I remember loving a lot of yours. Truth be told I doubt if I have met a dozen barns that I didn't love. And what is funny...when I post more than one barn, lots of times people love the one I like least. So post what you have...they are all enjoyed.

  7. I forgot to say that I love this one...I just love it when I or anyone else are able to capture more than one angle of the barn.


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