Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready to Go and Monday's Prayer

 Last week I decorated my room,
organized my desks,
and made copies for the first day,
which is tomorrow.
( I posted some pics on the countdown,
but the pretty room was my friend's
who had completed hers.)

Here are pics of mine:

This is a view from the middle/back of the room.

I plant to keep my desk more open this year,
although I do have the row of books
buffeting my personal space.
A lot of kids today have no problem
with reaching in and grabbing my stuff---like my pens
or my Kleenex or just picking up stuff and messing with it.

Some teachers handle it by keeping their desk a blank slate,
but that's not me.
I like familiar and special 'stuff' around me.

I do have a spot where I have the following for my students:
free notebook paper, stapler, tape, big Kleenex box,
pencil sharpener, and waste basket.
I keep this area stocked year round at my expense.

I also have my computer desk facing the students.
A lot of teachers have theirs to the side,
so if they do have to get on it for a moment,
their backs are to the kids,
and the kids can see the screen
(like if we are printing out grades).

Behind where I sit is a huge attitude sign:
"Attitude is a little thing that makes a huge difference!"
I firmly believe that.

There is also a smaller poster that says,
"I don't give you grades, YOU EARN them!"
One thing that grates on my nerves is when a kid will say to me,
"Thanks to you, Mrs. O. and that F you gave me,
I am ineligible for football (basketball, volleyball, etc.)."

I don't sit around thinking about who I can flunk.
I despise giving Fs and a student has to really work at
flunking my class as in doing absolutely nothing!.

My cat calendar is there --of course- and an angel that was given me
by one of my cooperating teachers
 at the completion of my student teaching with her.

This bulletin board has all the necessary info
such as school floor plan, our mission statement,
monthly calendars of activities and lunch menus,
my rules and requirements, the different bell schedules,
and our lunch schedule.

Two things are missing and I lose them every year!
I was sure I put the tornado drill and fire drill sheets away
with other important info,
but alas, I will have to copy someone else's tomorrow.

This sign is new to my room this year.
We have decided to have a united front with phones ringing in our rooms.
If you see a student using a phone, it's automatic that you take it from him/her.
However, several of us have been negligent about having the student
ferret out the ringing phone and hand it over.

I have been one of those.
They turn them off, blush, and apologize.
But now that won't be enough.

The birthday corner.
More on that later.

The Zeps board
where I cut out newspaper articles and photos
and pin them up.
The yellow sign is mine stating,
"No writing on, drawing on, scratching out,
or poking with board pins
any of the pics and articles
or there will be NO Zeps board!"
And yes, I had to put that
because some mean stuff has been done.
I have also had a male's anatomy drawn up there.

Not bringing pencils and/or pens
to class
is probably one of the top three irritants to us teachers.
I have supplied pens in the past,
but they 'bleed' me dry.
However, sending them back to their lockers
is a major disruption.
It's a yearly issue.

I am looking forward to school starting.
I wish I didn't have to concern myself with negative issues
such as signs forbidding writing on kids' pics on the bulletin board,
but I do.

I am using a lesson plan from Mrs. E of  EASY STREET.
She has helped me before.
A big thanks to her. 

Here is Monday's Prayer:
Dear Lord,
I will turn to You for strength.
When my responsibilities seem overwhelming,
I will trust You to give me courage and perspective.
Today and every day,
I will look to You as the ultimate source of
my hope, my strength, my peace, and my salvation.

And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you,
for My strength is made perfect in weakness."
2 Corinthians 12:9

"No matter how heavy the burden, daily strength is given,
so I expect we need not give ourselves any concern
as to what the outcome will be.
We must simply go forward."
Annie Armstrong

(All of the bold comes from 100 Days of Grace for Women.)

Blessings to you as go through this week.


  1. 5 4 3 2 1 0 we have lift off !

  2. Wayne Stratoz has his list of rules ready...

  3. Your room is looking good. As for the frustrations - they would drive me crazy. Hope your year goes well with minimal frustrations.

  4. My son will be teaching for the first time this year. I am praying for both of you as you begin a new school year.

  5. Your room looks wonderful! Wishing you a GREAT school year! And I want one of those cell phone signs for the office :-)

  6. Your room looks very organised Beth.
    Praying for you as it fills with students
    that you will all have a good start to the school year.

  7. hoping this is a good year for you...

  8. I hope this turns out to be a good and fulfilling school year for you - good luck!

  9. You certainly do the best you can to open eyes and "heart doors" and break through spiritual and emotional walls.

    Very creative and thoughtful. [Much better than I could pull it off, believe me!]


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