Monday, November 26, 2012

Barn Charm #61Before and After Huge Storm of Summer of 2012

This barn belongs to a high school classmate of my husband's and mine.
Well, it's actually his wife's third generation family farm.

Here is a good view of the old homestead that set to the right of the barn.
This particular 'set' refers to past tense.
(The verb goes present-set, past-set, past participle-have set).

Here are two fairly close photos of both structures
taken in early summer two years ago.

Now here is that same barn after the horrendous storm
that blew into Ohio and other states June 29th, 2012,
leaving many without  power for anywhere from one day to two weeks.

This is a shot taken from my car after the storm
and my first ride down to Seneca Lake
to take note of what had been damaged.

As you can see, the old homestead is no more.
The storm destroyed it.

You used to not be able to see the barn from this angle
because of the house.
Now a camera has a clear shot.

When my husband last talked to the guy
back in July,
they were considering tearing the barn down.
As of late August, it was still there.

The house and chimney you see in the distance to the right,
in the third photo up,
was the second home.

It is no longer lived in either.
They live in a brick ranch house built way off to the left
of the barn, outbuildings, and homestead.
(I don't have a photo of it--it is okay, but nothing special.)

Here is what you saw before June 29, 2012 from the road
 looking up the farm's lane.
I have featured this photo twice before for different reasons.

This is a long post, but I thought the house needed to be 'mourned' also, 
not just the extremely damaged barn. 

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  1. Oh, yes, the house belonged here, too. It looks like it was a huge old home. Can you imagine trying to keep it heated. I really enjoyed all these photos.

  2. Wow, so sad it suffered so much damage. The house was gorgeous. Thank you for sharing very pretty photo's.

  3. What a neat old house! I hate seeing barns go down, and houses are even worse. Looks like they were both beauties in their day.

  4. aww. sad to see the old homesteads disappear!

  5. This is too sad about this beautiful house. Once upon a time it was a very beautiful and strong house.

    I always feel sad when I see abandoned old houses and barns.

    These are amazing pictures of history. And they are very touching!!!

  6. Kinda sad to see that old house gone. Abandoned houses and barns are just so sad to see... Makes me think about the life that went on in there at one time...

    Thanks for sharing the history with us.

  7. So sad about how the storm has destroyed the house. It's great that you have the before and after photos.

  8. Wow, that is a lot of damage! I'm sure such wobbly structures do not have much chance in such a powerful storm. That old farm house must have been a grand house when it was still lived in.

  9. Thanks for sharing with us into the life of this wonderful old home place. When you showed the damage to the barn my heart sank waiting to see the house. So sad it's gone. It was just a shell but I bet the damage was heartbreaking for the family. I know I become attached to old buildings that really have no meaning to me other than I am aware of them but hate to see them go.
    That storm was awful. We didn't have power for a week. Just last month they finally fixed a neighborhood telephone line.

  10. i'm a fan of the 2nd shot. great in detailed post this week. i love the chance to see all those details. so fun!!

    hey, i have a Christmas giveaway going on at my blog ... please be sure to stop by. have a great week. (:

  11. Great shots, Beth, but horrible damage! It would make me sick to see my family's homestead destroyed like that! I wish there was a way to preserve them without spending 2 arms, 2 legs & then some... Definitely worthy of morning!
    So sorry the house was literally blown down... that must be devastating for them

    Thanks for featuring them for Barn Charm

  12. i always feel that way, too, when i see an old house with character blown down or torn down. we have a house in our neighborhood that was recently demolished (friends lived in it for a while, so i knew it from the inside as well as out) and i always feel sad when i drive by and see the empty lot where once there was a lovely family home from the early 1900's.

    i hope you and your family had a good thanksgiving, filled with love. hoping, also, that all the school stuff is going better than expected!

  13. oh that's so was sure beautiful :( that storm was a looked like a bomb had gone off in our yard, it was full of broken trees. we were without power for almost a week.

  14. Wow, that storm really did some damage. I'm glad you had pics of the homestead before it hit.

  15. Buildings such as houses and barns are more than just constructions they are places of shelter and family homes, perhaps over several generations. It's sad to see this old farmstead and barn did not survive, but you have a photo record and a concern for the old place and the owners which is a good thing, Beth.
    Our counties are taking a battering from flooding yet again with loss of life, homes and work places.

  16. Amazing what happens so quickly, and changes lives, seemingly, forever.

    We had flooding last year ... and drought this year ... and it has destroyed so much for hundreds and hundreds of miles. As I've driven north to Susie's and west to the Northwest, I have seen so much that has tightened and saddened my heart.

    Much, MUCH, to only turn to our Lord. Only HE can heal us in physical and natural areas.

    Bless you...


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