Monday, November 5, 2012

No limitations and Monday's Prayer

Oh to have the faith of a little child!
 She lets go of mama's hand,
believing she can walk on her own,
but all the time knowing mama will be there to pick her up, should she fall.

I am struggling with balancing---no, I am struggling with getting things done
that need to be done.
I spend Saturday resting---literally.
I am physically, emotionally, and mentally spent after a week of teaching.
Yet there is so much to do.

My devotion this morning had as its second sentence:
". . . as you have faced the inevitable struggles of life-here-on-earth,
 you have--without realizing it--
placed limitations on God."

Then the next bit:
"To do so is a profound mistake.
God's power has no such limitations
and He can work mighty miracles in your own life if you let Him."

I read on and let the words settle within me.
Then I made a list of all that is part of my life--my job--my everyday responsibilities.
I made the list with these words: "With God's help, I can. . ."
I must look to Him more and what I can do through Him
and not what I can't do.

But first I began the morning by plugging in the coffee pot
with no water in it---I forgot to set it up last night! He He!
I laughed, shook my head ruefully and told God,
"This isn't a good start to the day!"
Then I went and opened 100 Days of Grace for Women
and heard His response.
I began again.

"Faith means believing in realities that go beyond sense and sight.
It is the awareness of unseen divine realities around you."
Joni Earekson Tada

"The most profane word we use is 'hopeless'.
When you say a situation or person is hopeless,
you are slamming the door in God's face."
Kathy Toccoli

Looking at them, Jesus said, "With men it is impossible,
but not with God, because all things are possible with God."
Mark 10:25

"For nothing will be impossible with God."
Luke 1:37

Today's Prayer of Grace

Heavenly Father,
Your infinite power is beyond human understanding.
With You, Lord, nothing is impossible.
Keep me always mindful of Your power,
and let me share the glorious message of Your miracles.
When I lose hope,
give me faith;
when others lose hope,
let me tell them of Your glory and Your works.
Today, Lord, let me expect the miraculous,
let me praise You,
and let me give thanks for Your miracles.

May we all have a blessed week and not limit God!


  1. thanks for stopping by to say hello... and for your prayers. coming back to return the hello, along with a big hug. praying you find light in every dark corner of your world, friend.

  2. HI Beth, When life gets tough (and it will/does) --turning to God is exactly what we all need to do... Because, with God's help, ANYTHING is possible. Let's never forget that.


  3. Knowing what Joni Earekson Tada has gone through that quote from her is inspirational as is God's promise to help us in our times of trial. May we be strengthened by this thought during the coming week.
    Bless you, Beth. May you know God's intervention in difficult situations this week.


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