Monday, June 10, 2013

Barn Charm # 75

This week I am featuring 
two barns
that I pass on my way to and from school.

This is on my way to school.

This is coming back from school,
headed home.

I come down a steep hill and through a sharp  curve
to find this set up on the hill.
I have not been able to get one showing the rest of the buildings
that loom up to the right.
Coming down that hill is too dangerous to take a picture.
This is instead on my way home
before I go into the curve and up the hill.
There is a huge, lovely farm house with it,
but it's on the sharp curve,
so alas, no photos of it.

I like this smaller building that is connected to the big barn.
They raise horses or at least did at one time.

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  1. I really like that first barn. It has a nice shape. I like the sun shining on that fence too!

  2. How many more days of school do you have, Beth??? I know you will be glad to have some vacation!!!!

    Great barn photos... Just think!! Soon you will be able to get out anytime of the day to take beautiful barn photos....


  3. Very nice! Some of the best treasures are tucked away in spots that are impossible to photograph. Frustrating, to say the least.

  4. Those barns in empty fields with no animals look very intriguing. I like to see your countryside, Beth.

  5. So pretty! Do you find yourself wishing that one day the owner will be out there, and you'll stop to ask to take pictures?
    There's one near me that I would like to photograph, but it's back in a wooded area, and unless I go on the person's yard, it will be impossible.
    Good luck!
    (Visiting from Barn Charm)


  6. probably like the view coming home much better than the one on the way!

  7. Very picturesque! What a lovely drive you have to work.

  8. Those are very interesting barns and I am glad you shared them. Just be careful on that curvy road!

  9. I love the hilly landscape! That's beautiful countryside.

  10. fantastic barns & lovin the blue sky! thanks for joining =)


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