Saturday, June 29, 2013

Here is the Soon-to-be-Our HOUSE!

Beautiful country setting: Lovely renovated home on 8.2 private acres, in the quiet neighborhood.  Four minutes to town. Level yard surrounded by woods and fields. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath. New kitchen and custom bath. High ceilings, great natural light. Replacement windows, fully insulated. Natural gas heat, with both forced air and radiant stove. New roof. Rewired. City water. Large 2-car detached garage with workbenches, storage in upper level.
What I love about the home
Our home of 29 years has been a wonderful place to raise our children. We have enjoyed renovating this charming house, which combines character and comfort, privacy and convenience.
  • Bedrooms:3 beds
  • Bathrooms:1.5 baths
  • Single Family:1,484 sq ft
  • Lot:357,191 sq ft
  • Year Built:1878
  • Heating Type:Forced air
  • The above information was on a Zillow Real Estate Internet site for folks selling their own homes.

  • We had no idea that this house sat on 8 acres smack dab in the neighborhood in which my husband
  • grew up and where he wanted to live out the rest of his life.
  • It came up for sale out of the blue and by the owners.
  • My husband was not 'into' the farm house, but it is in great shape.
  • The land is what grabbed both of us: it's an absolute haven.
  • I can teach two more years if I have this to come home to.
  • We signed a contract and gave a down payment on it this past Thursday.
  • We close on July 8th.
  • They are trying to get their closing date in Massachusetts moved up from Aug. 8th.  We want to be in and somewhat settled before my school begins---August 26 and 27 are teacher days and the students begin Sept. 3rd--the day after Labor Day.

  • I am not sure how I got this white area and all these bullets, 
  • but this post has given me problems, so I am not going to try and fix it.

  • This the view from the side of the road.
    This is a front field. 
    A guy mows it for them for the hay.

  • This is considered the front of the house.
    The front door has the portico over it and opens into the living room.
    The bay window is the living room.
    The other lower windows you see are over the kitchen sink.

    This is the back of the house.
    They will be taking their swing with them,
    but we will take one of ours--
    the one that was mine when I lived on my own with my teenage son
    a long time ago.

    There is an unheated storage room --the tiny square window
    is in it.
     You access it from the back porch.
    The long narrow window near the fireplace is in the kitchen.

    Here is a close-up of the front of the house.

    The next 3 photos are of the wonderfully 
    remodeled kitchen.

    They are leaving most of the appliances including 
    the washer and dryer.
    However, they are taking the refrigerator with them.
    It is a German model and is incredibly quiet
    which was top on their list.
    It is much too small for us
    so we are fine with buying a new one.
    Ours will stay here for the renters.

    This is the main bathroom and it is downstairs.
    There is a half-bath upstairs.
    The tub is 6 ft. long--he required one.
    Mike and I are shower people,
    but the grandkids will love it,
    and I won't be
    sitting on the toilet seat squished
    between the sink and the bath tub
    while I supervise them.
    By golly, there is room for a chair in there!

  • The dining room is off the kitchen.
    The door you see is a closet.
    The door you see here takes you to a
    small, sandstone basement.
    Even with a sump pump,
    it remains damp.
    There will be no 'man-cave' in this basement--
    something my husband has given up for the land.

    The alcove is their laundry room.
    The washer and dryer are behind closet doors.
    We are going to try to move them into a huge closet upstairs,
    and this will be closed off to be Mike's office.
    It is a good-sized room.

  • Here is the living room.
    The door you see is considered the front door,
    although people usually enter through the kitchen.
    That's fine with me; it's much better than having folks come though
    my cluttered, dreary basement
    as they do now.

    The two windows you see are where we will probably 
    add a master bedroom.
    A basement foundation, a master bedroom,
    and stairs to an art studio 
    are parts of our future plan.

    We are also buying the mineral rights to the land,
    so adding on will have to wait a little bit.
    (It is incredibly wonderful that they offered the mineral rights to us.
    Our area in Ohio is in the middle of the fracking boom,
    so this is a crucial time to have control over your own land.)

    This is the main stairway 
    and is between the living room and bathroom.
    There is an outside door that opens out into a very private
    side yard.
    This side yard is where the addition will go.

    This is the 2nd biggest bedroom.
    The door there leads to a walk-in closet
    that goes the entire width of the house.
    One of the bedrooms will be for guests all the time,
    and the other will be my office/studio
    until we are able to build the addition.
    This is the smallest bedroom.
    There is a walk-in closet in here also.
    The closets are remarkable for such an old farm house!

    They took a walk-in closet and made a half-bath
    for upstairs.
    It is in a good location for all three bedrooms.

    This is the master bedroom as they showed it on their Internet site.
    Below is how it looks now.
    The steps lead down into the kitchen where there is a closed door 
    separating the stairs from the kitchen.
    If you look back at the 3rd kitchen photo,
    you will see the door
    and the remainder of the steps.
    This is typical of old homes.

    There is another walk-in closet in the small hallway
    that leads to this room.
    That closet is used for their clothes
    and will be for ours too.

    This is just a small part of the back yard.
    Over in the back left-hand corner is a grape arbor.
    The land extends into the woods, ravine, and a stream.

    This shows the separate garage that has 2nd floor storage.
    However, they kind of goofed when they built it
    and didn't make it high enough for a lot of adults to stand up in.
    That nixes it for an office or studio.
    We will use it as they did: for storage.

    This window in the small bedroom 
    looks out at the front field 
    and the main road in the subdivision beyond the big tree.
    We already know the folks across the road---we went to school
    with them.  They will be good neighbors.

    In the next photo, the house you can barely see part of 
    is across the road
    and belongs to a good friend of ours.
    We will love having her as a neighbor.
    (She was just widowed last year
    at age 60.  She was a year ahead of us in school.)
    Here are the two side fields.
    The land extends to the road on the other side of the pine trees.

    This is where the addition will go.

    Just another view of part of the back yard.

    So this is the fantastic news I've been hinting at.
    Some of you know how long we have waited for a 'home'.
    We will rent our small Craftsman bungalow.

    I will tell about how God worked this all out
    another time.
    This post is already too long!


  1. OH My Goodness..... Beth, We've been on vacation and I haven't blogged for 2 weeks. When I spotted your post, I got SO excited. I know how long you have waited for this. And what a fantastic house.. I'd love it ---plus all of that land... WOW... I am THRILLED beyond words for you two... Congrats.

  2. Woohoo! I know it's been a long search for a new home, but it was worth the wait. The place is beautiful and so is the land! Plus - you have a great neighbor. I'm happy for you.

  3. Love, love, love this post!!!! Finally! Your dream come true!!!! Can't wait to see you move in!

  4. what a dream house!

  5. IT IS TOTALLY AMAZING BETH!!! I am so happy for you. It is exactly my idea of a perfect house, and the land is beautiful. I love living out in the country - the peace, the quiet .... love it.
    You've waited so long. I pray you will be so very happy there.

  6. beth! are you serious? you're excited (stating an understatement...)!
    well done all of you, for finding your dream... i can imagine how thoroughly happy you all are. the house, the land... all looking just the ticket!
    wait a minute, wait a minute? renovations? oh boy... ;)))

  7. that is soooo cool !
    can't wait to hear the story.

  8. I am very happy for you! Congratulations.
    it looks wonderful.

  9. SUCH a beautiful piece of land, and the house is charming! I'm so happy for you both :)

  10. I'm glad you linked this as I had missed this post. Looks like an absolutely wonderful place for you.


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