Monday, July 29, 2013

Explanation and Monday's Prayer

I have been absent from blogging.
Sometimes, I have read some of your blogs,
but did not comment.
At other times, I didn't read any.
I have not posted for almost two weeks.
Explanation: A switch of medications.
Something I researched and agreed to do.
I have a good doctor and I believe I am in good hands.

The body has not liked the change
and I have felt anti-social 
and/or too tired to think of something to write.

I am rounding a major bend and in three weeks
I will be completely switched.
My body is finally adapting
and thus, my brain is beginning to want to function.

I don't know how much I will blog or comment,
but know that I care for all of you -- my blogger friends.
My silence only means my body is adjusting.

A HUGE moment occurred yesterday:
I joined a local church.
It is where my dad pastored when I was in high school.
It is the church God has been instructing me to join.

I've always been a bit rebellious,
but the rebellion often manifests as passive aggression.
I don't 'do' as much as I 'do not do'.
So I did not join though I've lived here nine years.
Well, yesterday I became a conscious (not simply on paper)
 member of a church.

Below are some pics of the house.
We have possession 
and my husband has started on the living room ceiling.
He and a friend tore out the ceiling in the living room.
He is wiring places for lights.
Then he will put dry wall up and do the finishing touch.
We've got a guy lined up to paint it then.


I commend my day to You 
and ask You to be in charge of it
from beginning to end.
Enable me to do all
I need to do successfully and well.
Help me to do it 
carefully and not carelessly.
Help me to do it all diligently 
and not lazily.
Help me to do everything skillfully 
and not shabbily.
I know I cannot do all I need to do in my day
without Your help.

I don't want to ever take for granted that,
just because I have done some of these things before,
they are always going to turn out right
each time.
I know that sometimes
even the simplest things
can become a problem or a challenge,
so I don't want to assume that 
everything will automatically go smoothly.
That's why I submit 
my entire day to You
and ask You to be in charge of all I am doing.

Specifically, what I need the most help
with today is:
(fill in).

The ways I want You to guide me today are:
(fill in).

What I am most concerned about today is:
(fill in).

The things I want to accomplish today are:
(fill in).

The people I need to see and talk to are:
(fill in).

What I hope will happen today is:
(fill in).

What I don't want to happen today is:
(fill in).

Lord, I thank You that You are in charge
of my day and all that happens.
Be in charge of the surprises,
the unexpected,
and the things that turn out differently
than I planned.
Enable me to hear Your voice
speaking to my heart,
telling me the way I should go
and what I should do.
In Jesus' name I pray.

This is the day the Lord has made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Blessing to you all as you go about your week.


  1. You look so pretty in that photo! (And I'm glad you're beginning to feel more like yourself, again.)

  2. You look so nice! Take it easy and be good to yourself while your body adjusts. Hooray on joining a church - I know that was a big step.

  3. Such a pretty photo of you, Beth. Been missing you here but know you are busy with many things. Hopefully your new medication will serve you well.

  4. Sweet Beth---Joining a church is SO important... Putting God in the center of our life and having Christian friends is needed in all of our lives... I'm so happy for you.

    Good Luck with the new medication. Changing meds can help --but can be hard on the body!!!!!! Glad your situation is working out...

    Blogging should be something we all LOVE. When you don't love it or want to blog or visit, then don't do it... It's all up to each of us as to what we do with our blogging.


  5. I like the dress. You wear it well. And your hair too.
    It's fun to see the photos of the house changes coming along.

  6. Yeah and hooray! You look great, standing there in that lovely church. It seems you are healing inside and out...hubby on the ceiling, awesome!!!

  7. i'll be thinking of you in this big transition time!
    Good luck!


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