Friday, July 12, 2013

More News about our 'new' house

We closed on the house this past Tuesday.
They will be out by evening the 23rd
or if moving truck is behind time,
then the morning of the 24th.

We have some work that needs done 
to the living room ceiling---
well actually a whole new ceiling----
smooth plaster instead of the  squares 
that are there now.

I want some rooms painted.
I cannot do it myself because:
a) I'm very MESSY.
b) I do a lousy job. 
c) I get more of the paint on me than the walls.
d) It's tough to do with the fibromyalgia.

Since I am thinking about some aspects 
of this house buy,
I thought I would share some of my thoughts.

This is a great picture of how two rooms flank the dining room.
The camera is being shot from the door to the living room.
I love the character that the arch doorways add.

To the right is the kitchen.
There is a coat closet there.

To the left is a large hallway-type room
where they have their washer and dryer.
We do not want it there,
so will hopefully be able to move it upstairs 
to the long walk-in closet/storage room.

The room will most likely become Mike's office
 and we want to look into installing doors to shut it off.
(Neatness in not part of his office style.)
The main reason we are considering it for Mike's office
is that his close friend/like a brother Rusty's desk
will not lift well or go through a bedroom window,
and we both want to keep it.

Rusty died in a freak diving accident at a coal strip pit 
when we were all 23.
(We went to school and graduated together---
Rusty was a good friend of mine also.)
When his mother died several years ago, his sisters sold the house
(their dad was already deceased).
They gave Rusty's desk to Mike 
and it and two file cabinets have made up his corner office
in the basement (literally a corner of the basement--not a room).
This will be a huge step up for Mike!

Here is the ceiling that will be replaced.
Some trim work needs done also.

They have wonderful stained glass transoms
that they had installed.
I would like to do this to the ones upstairs--
two are shown below.)

This is my least favorite room. 
The folks who sold this house to us are Quakers
and their quiet, gentleness is shown in the low-key decoration
of the house.
Sheer curtains and soft tones are found in all the rooms but here.
The curtains are a much heavier material 
(there are blinds in all the windows
except the kitchen) and a 'loud' floral.
The wall color is a version of clay perhaps.
The room is not awful by a long shot,
 but I would rather not keep it this way.

We, being use to much more crowded conditions,
would have squeezed the toilet closer to the sink
and the sink right up against the wall.
That would have allowed for a shower--maybe custom-made
to fit.
Since this is the only bathroom upstairs,
a shower feature would be welcome.
However, it is nice to have all that space there.
It was originally a walk-in closet.

[Actually, we like the idea of getting ready downstairs,
because Mike and I do not get up at the same time
especially during school.  I get up at 4:30 and the soonest
he has to be up is 6 and often 7.]

Anyhow, a paint job and new curtains are needed.

The floors are navy in two bedrooms and the hallway connecting them.
I am not a navy person.
Any suggestions for paint color?
Restoring them to natural would mean going through layers of paint
to not so great wood underneath (according to them),
so that is not an option for us.
Below is a better picture of the floor color.

This is one of the kitchen windows.
A window flanks each side of the old chimney (not visible inside).
There are trees and bushes blocking those windows.
She has sheer curtains with a lace pattern drawn across each of them.
The curtains have a special meaning to her pertaining to her mom,
so they go with her.
Now, should we cut back the trees and such to let light in
or keep it private
 and thus not have to worry much about covering the windows?

The inside of this portion of the house is shown below.
There is presently no heat in the kitchen except for this black stove.
There is a place ready for heat to be installed,
bit we will use the stove for the first year. 

Well, that's it for now.
Nothing I have mentioned is a big deal.
We could move in this week and live contentedly in it as is,
except for the living room ceiling---that bugs both of us.
This redo is more a matter of making it ours
than having to do it.

Any ideas are welcome.

If you missed the original post about the house,
click here for lots of pictures and info.


  1. I loved the arch doorways, transoms, ceiling lines! What a great house!

  2. I love the arched doorways. We had them in our first house. The stained glass transoms are gorgeous. Can't wait to see pictures of the rooms you finish!

  3. i'm going to send you photos of painted floors...just for fun. they might give you some ideas.

  4. Such an exciting time, isn't it? All this transitioning and busy-ness. Nothing like it!

  5. I just love it, Beth, and I am so happy for you... Love the arch doorways--and the stained glass transoms are fantastic. I love older houses like that --with the higher ceilings... NEAT...

    I love light and openness ---so if it were mine, I'd go with lighter colors and no trees blocking the windows... BUT--that is just me. You have to do what you want to do... But--I do agree about the living room ceiling... Wonder why it is that way????

    Not sure about floor colors... Maybe a very dark brown ---giving the look of 'wood'.....????

    BUT--I truly do love it.

  6. I was going to say what Leslie said. What an exciting time for you.

  7. Don't know what happened to my comment... went to post it and the computer went "bonkers." Anyhow, I love your new house! It has so many nice features. I like the blue floors - a nice, unique touch. However, since you don't care for the blue, have you considered a barn red? I think that would be so stunning.

  8. Lovely to hear the news about your new house move and plans for a few alterations to make it suitable for your needs.


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