Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Corner View: Last but not Least

I have six grandchildren.
I have been told, that unless my son marries a woman with a child/children,
this is it.
(Not that I asked.  I didn't.)
I'm quite happy with the six.
They are all wonderful (of course).

However, in accordance with the theme,
I will feature the last grandchild - 
Abigail Elizabeth

The photo below is when we got to babysit her. 
It was also the first time we saw her.
Her blue eyes were quite evident even then.

This is one of my favorites in a series my daughter had done.
I like how Sara is bending down
and wrapping her arms around Abby.

Another favorite of mine.

Sara has a photographer friend
who likes to practice on Abby and her brother Aaron.
Nice, huh?!

These two were part of a set to mark her 2nd birthday.

These two are part of the latest professional photos taken.
The photographer sets it up so her clients and friends have digital access to them.
That was a deal breaker for Sara
because of having family so far away.

Love those blue eyes!

She has acquired a pair of red boots that she absolutely LOVES.
(And that is so appropriate for a Texas girl!)

 Abby wears dresses almost all the time.
Her hair is pulled back in a bow.
Her sock of preference has a ruffled edge.
However, the little darling, in all her girly glory,
loves to play with cars and trucks and such.
Above is when she had her school visit.

Sara wrote the following in her blog.
"There are seven kids in Abby's class.  They are all girls. So Abby had free reign over the cars.  She lined every single one up while those other girls were finding the princess stuff."

Abigail Elizabeth follows a long line of readers.
Her brother is an avid reader also.
(Makes an English teacher grandmother proud.)
And that is the 'last but not least' of my grandchildren.

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  1. Such cute pictures! I love her name.
    My granddaughter is about to turn two and I just saw her two year pictures. She had one with balloons too, and she also has striking eyes!

  2. Beautiful girl and I love her name!

  3. Beautiful blue eyes and a very pretty girl! Love those red boots!

  4. beautiful photos and what a shame there are no other girls in her class to play with the cars :)

  5. Lovely photos and memories of your little grandchild. She is a beautiful girl and you a proud grandmother.

  6. Such a pretty little girl and how fun that she likes to play with the cars.

  7. what a treasure you have with your grandchildren!!

  8. Precious. I love the shot with the red balloons!
    To answer your question -- macadamia nuts and chocolates...
    Happy day to you :)

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  10. You sure made me grin. I have physically 6 grandkids. Then, when my daughter remarried, her husband has 3 from his former marriage; of his, the youngest is about 18 and the oldest about 21. The oldest of his, a boy, is a father now, and I am a great-grandma, although he's around and about a bit to other family members. AND my daughter and her husband will be in Ohio in November to adopt one of his family-side baby's that will be born then; the mom is not married and this will be baby #4 of hers that has been from different men. This might not make sense, but, if it plays through, I will have another granddaughter. If my grandkids start having babies too soon AAAKKK!!! My life will change more and more. Life is life. And I'm blessed that God will take care of all of us. You are a blessing grandma [Would LOVE to ride out with them so I could swing down to just see/meet you; that would be a treat!]

  11. adorable! I'd seen some of the earlier photos, but I wasn't up to date - thank you!

  12. She is adorable! I hear being a grandma is so much more fun than being a parent. If that is true, than I can't wait!

  13. she makes me want a pair of red boots...

  14. What a darling girl! (And now I want a pair of red boots, too!)


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