Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Corner View: Sacred Place

At first I wasn't sure what to feature 
for the topic sacred place,
but as I pondered over it,
I kept coming back to the memorials in Washington D C.
My husband and I took my father about 9 years ago
to visit my brother and his family in Harrisburg, PA.
Together we took Dad to see the WWII monument.
It was a cold day and Dad was hurting,
so he didn't see everything that we saw,
but he saw what mattered the most to him.

I have featured Dad and the Washington trip before.
For those of you who are new to my blog,
my dad was a POW in Germany during WWII.
He was captured during the Battle of the Bulge.

[Click on all photos to see them larger.
That will especially help with the quotes
and the space capsule monuments.]

Here is the pool of fountains that makes up part of the WWII monument.
The Washington monument is in the background.
Below are more photos of it.

 All around the monument are famous quotes from that time period.

Here is Dad.
Note the words beside him
and in the next photo.

These are glimpses of  the Korean War monument.

The one above and the next few are in memory of those who fought in 
the Vietnam War.

Below is the wall of names.

My husband's hand is underneath a casualty from our small town.
I still remember when we got word of Bill Young Jr.'s death.
His family lived down the street from us
and they were members of my dad's church.
Dad had the funeral.

This one particularly struck me.
The nurses of the Vietnam War were unsung heroes for many years.

Next are the memorials to members of two space capsules
that were casualties in our country's race to space.
In the middle of them is one dedicated to members of our armed forces
who died trying to free American hostages in Iran
April 25, 1980.

Then there is the cemetery.
There is a hush that came upon me
in reverence to those who died for our freedom.
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

All of these are sacred places (to me)
where we pay homage to those who helped
keep our country and parts of the world free
throughout the years.

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  1. Wow - truly sacred places. Thanks for sharing and thanks to your Dad for serving!

  2. Wonderful sacred place entry! Thank you to your dad for serving!

  3. These places always grieve me...for the loss of so much treasure...

  4. Makes me feel the importance of the sacred and divine in our world.... wishes of peace and love to spread throughout the world

  5. Very moving post! I've been to DC many times but with so many spots to visit I seem to miss these memorials. The photo of your Dad next to the engraved words is very touching. Thanks go to him for his service.

  6. Touching and interesting post.
    In my town (Tours city) there is a fountain that reminds all American soldiers who helped France during WWII. And near this fountain, there is the largest library of the city that was built by the U.S. to compensate all bombed buildings. So we always have a kind thought to all those soldiers who came to help our country.

  7. I agree, the monuments in DC are sacred and they speak to such beautiful ideals. I wish I could visit them once a year and bring every student that I teach as well!

    Beautiful that you got to be there with your dad!


  8. my grandfather, too, was a solider in ww2 and then a prisoner in a work camp. he never talked about it and never wanted to visit monuments, but he did want to visit sicily where the ship he was on landed on his 18th birthday. he suffered a stroke before he could go, what i gathered from him, the happy, peaceful lives of his grandchildren were his sacred space, a monument to him.

  9. Seeing this makes me realize how important it is to have respect for each other, respect for people, religion, or whatever...instead of making war...

  10. What an interesting and truly touching post, Beth. I'm sure your Dad loved his visit to Washington DC… And I'm sure that you all enjoyed taking him there. It is a sacred place for sure. Great post!

    Hope you had a good week. We have been in Kentucky with friends... Had a fantastic time although it was COLD there.


  11. these most certainly are sacred spaces. i'm always struck by the silence inherent to these places. war memorials are unnerving. n♥

  12. As usual, you did a good job. I immediately knew it would show your dad and would have some extra explanations. I've seen a small amount of those things in that area for a short time in the summer of '90. Would like to be there again and see much more That day the weather and the timing kind of made my daughter and I hit the road for NJ area. But, as I said, would like to be there again.


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