Thursday, December 12, 2013

Corner View:Adult Blankie

The topic was chosen by me.  It was to be 'adult blankie' for that something that we have kept and find comfort in.  I gave an alternative topic in case it was thought that the blankie one might be difficult.  Well,
it 'got lost in translation' because the two were strung together somehow-at least in some cases.  But that's one of the cool aspects of corner view: we interpret the topic as we see fit and thus bring uniqueness 'to the table'.

My 'adult blankie' is a sweater - actually three sweaters. They all belonged to my father who was 6'3" and around 300 pounds.  I am 5'6" and nowhere close to 300 pounds, so the sweaters do not even remotely fit. But I wear them anyway.  I keep one in my locker at school (pictured to the above), one on the back of the bathroom door here at the farm house, and one on a hook in the hallway of our trailer at the lake(I don't have a pic of it).

The one at school I put on when I am cold and have not layered up for the day so am in need of a extra layer.  I also wrap up in  it when I put my feet up and take a quick nap before driving home.

I wear the blue one pictured below over whatever I am wearing around the house. I have it on over my pjs as I type this(I stayed home from school today).
I have just recently started going through the memorabilia of my parents ---particularly my dad's sermons.  I can now do it without being rendered useless by tears.  I have held onto things that I should have sent to a brother so he could organize them (dad's sermons).  I just couldn't 'deal' with the sorting and packing and letting go.

The sweaters never bothered me like the other things did.They have always simply brought comfort---thus the 'adult blankie' topic.

I am late in putting this out and Francesca has moved on to another post.
However, you can still access corner view and see how everyone
interpreted the topic.  Click on Fuoriborgo and visit.

[I usually have jeans and a t-shirt or pjs on when I wear the blue sweater.  But I wanted to get a picture and did not want it to be me in my pjs.  So I had my husband take one of me when I got home from school yesterday.]


  1. I better understand the topic now ... in fact I had just seen "blankie" (not "adult blankie") on post Francesca! That's why I talked about my cat blankie ... :) Next time I'll better read topics! I confess that I didn't know this word before, I had to look in the dictionary.... ;)

  2. I love that! These is something warm and comforting about an oversized sweater or sweatshirt, and since it was your Dad's it's even better!

  3. Hi Beth, Just stopping by to say HI… Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. We have been traveling again --but hopefully, are home for Christmas. We did lose our wonderful 101 yr. old father-in-law (Dad Adams) on Dec. 5th. He died peacefully at home. God Bless him…

    I have an old white sweater (which is WAY too big for me now since I have lost so much weight) which I keep in the car and LOVE. Recently, I replaced that old sweater with a new one. HOWEVER, I don't like the new one near as much---so will continue to enjoy that old white 'car' sweater (my blankie)…..


  4. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed at the thought of going through your mom and dad's things. I'm still there, when it comes to going through my mom's house and things, and it's been nearly 7 months. Sigh...

  5. I still have one of my father's wool shirts that is a comfort to me.

  6. you are too right about that, corner view participations always turn out individual ànd surprising. and that is the best thing about it.
    i love your aspect of having these sweater-blankies around the house (and work) so you can just dig into comfort when needed. that is the idea of a blankie after all.
    i'm having hiccups with my x-mas promise of the nanna square blankie i am now crocheting, but i do will show off what part i will have closer to the festive days. i do enjoy the project though.
    happy and merry days to you all!!!!

  7. i actually love all the different takes on themes - some things do not translate (like, in italian "adult blankie" or even just "comfort food" would make no sense at all - I guess we're pretty comfortable with ourselves and don't need external comfort! joking, of course:)), and some topics speak to each of us in different ways - and yet, we can share and "get it".
    Thanks for the interesting theme, and for sharing your sentiments and your dad's sweaters!

  8. Wishing you a most blessed Christmas in your new home, Beth.

  9. My Mom and Dad were both a bit over 6 ft.tall. I was/am 5'8" ... and the shortest of my family, since all my sisters, younger than me and taller than me .... and I have a few of my Mom's shirts she had given me over the years when I dropped into her place in the NW, and b/c I can't forget my Mom [she died at 90-1`/2 3 years ago] I wear her shirts. Can't lose her, ever ever. Good to see you.


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