Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Corner View: Darkness and Light

This was our house during the Christmas holidays.
Our house is set back quite a bit from the road,
so we have lots of privacy.
However, you could see it as soon as your rounded the bend in the road
with its white lights and the Christmas tree.

Our neighborhood went all out for Christmas decorations---
Three-fourths of the subdivision had Christmas lights on their houses.
A fiend of mine drove out in our neighborhood on a whim Christmas eve
and later told me that nowhere else in our small town
were there so many decorating participants in a concentrated area.

I enjoyed walking our dog and looking at the lights.
Most lights are down and put away now.
Ours are.
M. took advantage of a warm spell(30 degrees -ha!)
and took them down and put them away until next year.
(It is now 6 degrees out and was down in the negative digits---
no school for the first two days of this week.)

I like how these photos show the light smack dab in the middle of the darkness--
thus I thought these would work for the topic "Darkness and Light."

Our front entry is actually on the side of the house.
The front door opens up into one end of the long living room
that takes up the entire front of the house.
There is a beautiful bump-out of bay windows
and that is where our Christmas tree went.

The folks before us installed bright lights
to help in getting from the garage to the house..
M. now remembers to switch them on
 if I'm not home by 5 PM;
I had difficulty one night because of the total darkness
and he was gone so the house was almost completely dark 
on the inside too.

The lights coming from the first floor are from two large windows
in our kitchen.
They are on each side of a Vermont stove,
which right now is working quite hard
at keeping the kitchen warm.
This photo shows the beam of one of the large outdoor lights.
You can also see the light from our master bedroom's windows.

I have not been writing much on the Internet--just have been bogged down 
with the other stuff of life,
and often when I have a moment of quiet, 
I retreat into a good book.

{I'm presently reading the 4th installment 
in the No. 1 Detective Ladies' Detective Agency series.
It is called The Full Cupboard of Life.
The series take place in Botswana
and thus transport me to a different world.}

However, I always try to participate in Corner View.
Check out Francesca's place for more corner views.
They will be up early tomorrow.


  1. Your home looks so pretty! I love the tree in the bump out window.
    I've read that series - very good!

  2. Hi Beth --Happy New Year to you. Love your new home --and your Christmas decorations were awesome… Congrats! I know you are thrilled with that home… Maybe your hubby can put a timer/motion detector on one of the spotlights which would come on when anyone drives into the yard at night… Do you have an automatic garage door opener with a light??? That would help also….

    Have a great school year and stay WARM. It was MINUS 10 here this morning --and schools have been closed all week. We still have 2 inches of snow on the ground.


  3. I am continually impressed by your house. It is for me a house like an American film. I like it very much. Fantastically, especially in your header.

    Previously, there were in Germany not so many lights, but now many people have many lights in the gardens and on the houses. This is very beautiful. Very cozy.

  4. Your home is beautiful Beth and those pretty lights make it all the more so! The bay window is a perfect place for your Christmas tree! Stay warm...we'll be out of this deep cold someday soon!

  5. Happy new year Beth! It's good to see your house and darkness and light is a perfect post title. Very pretty. I hope you have a good school term.

  6. It looks so inviting, Beth! I hope you have many, many, many happy years there!

    I didn't decorate the outside of my house, but I still have my tree up. I love turning it on in the morning and doing yoga facing it - with no other lights on. Don't you love this season?!?

    Happy new year!

  7. I hope you have many beautiful years in your new home. The lighting is so welcoming.

  8. These lights give a magical atmosphere to your home!

  9. Happy New Year Beth ... what a beautiful light you had around your house. And happy reading ... I have read quite a few of them too :)

  10. seeing this reminds me of the time i have lived in america with all the christmas ights outside! we do it too here in the netherlands but not so much as at your place!

    happy 2014 with lots of lights and love!

  11. Beautiful! Happy New Year! Hope you are staying warm!

  12. your house is a gem, beth, and it illustrates here moreover how the place you come home to at night is your safe haven. i always enjoy your descriptions too, you visualize it well for us to read. i love that.
    happy new year to you all, n♥

  13. your first holidays in the new house!
    a very happy 2014!

  14. it sounds like you are in a very good place.

  15. Your house looks so pretty all lit up like that!

  16. I'm a really "light" oriented person. This was great!! AND we have the Detective Ladies books. Both Dave and I have read them in the past... and you just grabbed me again.


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