Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Corner View: Vision

 The phone awoke me this morning.  
I had set my alarm for later than usual, so I was not up yet
when the all-call went out through our school district.
The superintendent did not try a two-hour delay; instead,
he went straight to " N . . . L . . . .  schools are closed today."

We had known it was coming since last week,
but last night the storm had been down-graded by some weather reporters.
Their downgrade was in relation to inches in snow, 
but that was not the danger; it was ice, ice, 
and more ice raining down on us non-stop.

So instead of what I had planned for this topic,
I chose to highlight our icy landscape.
Mind you, I took photos
from inside the house!

The birds were a bit frantic this morning,
because the deer had eaten a bunch of corn and seed
the night before.
Their anxiety seemed to have lessened considerably 
after Mike refilled the feeders.

The photo below is a close-up of the bush featured in the first photo.
I did walk two steps out on the front stoop.

This was taken after a snow storm.

This same bird (or a close relative--Ha!) is shown after our ice storm.
(My camera was set on a more sensitive dial.)

I like this little guy who somewhat sheltered in that bush
for awhile.

The bird feeders exhibit the ice well, don't you think?!

Last, here is a set of handy 'tools' to enhance our vision.
My husband leaves a pair of his reading glasses 
throughout the house - literally every room that he's in at some point.
The above is on the stool by where he sits in the living room.

For more corner views on vision,
hop on over to Francesca's place.


  1. That's a lot of ice! Enjoy your day inside. :)

  2. You have a lot of ice and snow this year. More than other years?

  3. We just have more snow snow snow. It's been an incredible winter.
    (I leave my reading glasses everywhere too)

  4. I used to have reading glasses all over the house too --but recently I've had to go to progressives.. SO--I wear glasses ALL of the time now... I'm still getting used to these things!!!!! ha

    Glad they are not making you all go to school when it is so dangerous.... Stay safe and stay warm.


  5. Your snowbirds are prettier than ours! Hee hee hee. Okay, thay wasn't nice of me... stay warm!

  6. wow, that is quite a lot of ice. pretty birds, unfortunately I don't see birds often from my windows.

  7. at least it isn't empty (and dirty) cups of coffee in every room, like someone I know :)
    keep warm!

  8. It's amazing all these frozen pictures .... here it's the opposite, winter is not there but the rain ... yes.

  9. Glad you are safe from the storm. I love watching the cardinals this time of year too.

  10. It's good you were able to stay in where it's safe and still enjoy the icy beauty outside.

  11. You have similar weather to us! Like the photo of the little bird.

  12. ha! the glasses, forever the glasses, offering us vision in times of need.
    it must be really nice to find your hubby's glasses everywhere, besides unnerving... ;)))
    over here, when i misplace them? auch. they should have an invisible whistle attached to 'em, or something...

  13. The wintery iciness is spreading around and about seriously. It's a scary year this time. Gotta rely upon the Lord. All we can do...ever. And your photos were great, BTW!!


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