Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Corner View: Motion

We have had a more than fair share 
of the "Polar Vortex"
these past five days.

I have been staying in 
as much as possible--no school--
because the bitter cold is no friend of fibromyalgia.

Mike has been a good sport
in taking our Siberian Husky, Ginger,
out for walks and just to play.

In the above photo
they are in the front yard
due to Mike restocking the bird feeders.
He is getting ready to throw her bone.

In this next photo
they are in the back yard
where Mike usually throws sticks and her favorite stuffed duck
for her to run after and fetch.
Ginger has a cute hop that she does.
You can see her duck 'flying' through the air.

Below is a bigger photo of just Mike and Ginger.
I liked this bigger size as it really shows her in motion,
although the duck is no longer in the pic.

Here are some bird friends in motion seeking seeds.
 One has just landed.

Then there are my fingers--two of which are fastened,
so as not to move.
I fell this past Friday on the last two stairs
of the back stairway leading from the master bedroom
to the kitchen---I misjudged the distance
and landed on my knees and the little and ring fingers
of my left hand.
I thought my  'pinky' was broken at first,
but now I think I badly sprained it
and the area in the top part of my palm.
As long as I don't move it much
or put any kind of weight on it,
it is okay.

However, I could not bear to have those fingers 'done' 
on my bi-monthly nail appointment.
Therefore, I'm setting a new trend:
eight fingers of one color
and the last two fingers of one hand another color!

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  1. Youch! I have broken/sprained a finger--and it took about a year before I could get my ring back on it. The joint was so swollen it was miserable. Feeling your pain. Your snow sure is pretty--even with the cold temps!

  2. Some fun photos, Beth. I like the wings on that last chickadee and the dog playing. Hope you heal quickly.

  3. Ouch! Hope those fingers heal fast. I really like the pictures of Mike and Ginger.
    I'm so sick of this Polar Vortex. I had to drive to work for three days in the middle of it, and I'm ready for Spring - bet you are too!

  4. Ginger looks like she's having the time of her life! Love the photo of the chickadee with wings flapping. Great catch! Hope your fingers heal quickly!

  5. Wishing you a speedy pinky recovery!

    Ginger is adorable - and definitely in her element in the snow!

  6. That looks as if Ginger and your husband had very much fun together. Love this shoots.

  7. Ouch:( what a beautiful dog Ginger is!

  8. I love that you captured the motion of snow falling, and bird wings flapping. Ginger is beautiful. Very nice nails.

  9. I hope that your fingers recover soon, so that you can play outside in the snow. Good luck with all.

  10. Oh My---Sorry you fell but glad you weren't hurt worse. Falls can really shake a person up!!!!!!

    Your snow is pretty--and your hubby and doggie seemed to love it. I posted some snow photos last Friday and a bird one in the snow on Monday. We haven't had too much snow--but we certainly have had some very very very cold weather this month... Yipes..


  11. i do hope the vortex leaves your corner soon! wish you a speedy recovery!

  12. Well you've got the right kind of dog for this weather! (And I hope your hand heals quickly.)

  13. I bet the dog is having a blast! Hope your hand feels better soon!

  14. trend setter in motion.
    i wish you a speedy recovery. missing fingers is a horror.
    ps - 64, the number in my motion. ;)))

  15. So, SO sorry!! The photos were wonderful, the info was wonderful...and then this said so much of your pain. You, I hope, are blessed significantly by the Lord.


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