Monday, June 15, 2015

Retirement with the grandkids

The first week of retirement I scheduled a day with the grandkids.  Friday was their first day off from school and they would be staying Thurs. night at their dad's.   So I arranged to get there when he had to leave for work, so that the oldest, Peyton, could sleep in.  Dillon opted to go to the sitter's as there were going to be boys there that he hadn't seen for awhile.  That left the girls and me.

I had bought the game Quirkle for them for Christmas.  It's a game much like dominoes except it uses shapes and colors.  I had bought the extension boards for the game which makes it much harder to play. Peyton loves it.  It can't keep Addy's attention and Dillon hasn't played it yet. We learned one of the extended board games that day and we each won one game.

Next we went to the Cambridge city pool.  We arrived there a little before 11, so we got in right when it opened and found good chairs.  The chairs were taken up quickly.
Addy headed straight for the diving boards to jump off.  She did not go on the high one though.
Peyton hooked up with some friends who were there also.  Eventually, Addy found a friend there too. We  were there for 3 hours, I read an entire More magazine, and the girls had a blast.
After we went home and changed we went to DQ (Dairy Queen) to get ice cream.  They had pizza at the pool.

Peyton is the third from the left and then there is Addy.

The next week Peyton stayed overnight here so we could go shopping together at a near-by mall.  I drove to Cambridge and picked her up at her middle school after she finished a volleyball open gym. We went to Bob Evans for supper and took some food home to Grandpa.
The next day we went shopping at an Old Navy store where she got jeans, tops, and a bathing suit.
We stocked her up on purse size hand sanitizer at Bath and Body (her request), took some things back to Penny's, and made a quick stop at Target.  We had a lunch of broccoli cheddar soup and bread at Panera Bread. It's a favorite lunch of mine.
After we got home, we played another game of Quirkle, then I took her to her mom's. It was a wonderful day.

This past week they've been gone on vacation with their mom and her family.  They got back Sat. and left today for a week long vacation with another set of grandparents, their dad,  Aunt Sara,Uncle Jory, Uncle Eric, and cousins.
However, we managed to get a supper in last night.  Doug had to bring his dog over for us to dog sit. So I made tacos, corn on the cob, and pasta salad.  We then went for ice cream.  (I think that will be a recurrent trip this summer.)
The younger ones helped bring the bird feeders in and threw out corn for the lone deer that visits. They always enjoy doing that. It was another pleasant time with them.

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  1. Sounds like you're getting this retirement thing started off with a bang. Isn't it fun, Beth. I hope you have many such days this summer - filled with love, fun and grandkids!


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