Sunday, February 28, 2010

Beginning a Blog

I am restarting a blog. (This is the first post on my old blog--I have switched bloggers). My interest in blogs began when my nephew and his wife went to Malaysia for five months. They started a blog as a means of contact with those of us here in the U.S. Then at age 31, he had a stroke while jogging. The blog became our lifeline to him and his wife as they maneuvered this new path. I will never forget the video when I watched him stack cups with his left hand and I stared in disbelief at my all-American extremely athletic nephew struggle to complete a task that is a "milestone for a baby" and in awe of his courage, tenacity, determination, and sense of humor. His wonderful wife could be heard encouraging him. (Her giggle is uplifting and contagious).

I had disparaged blogs because I am an English teacher and I believe in the hand-written letter that can be scapbooked for the next generations (if so desired). I have written many and have kept many. So this new-fangled internet thing called a blog seemed almost like a heresy to writing. Ahhh, how my viewpoint has changed! That blog of my nephew and his wife's helped them both immensely as he recovered. I started commenting when I realized how much they NEEDED our comments. I felt a bit stupid at first, but I persevered. However, the time came when they arrived back in the U.S. and that blog ended. I was disappointed that the blog ended, but glad they were "home." The above picture is of them and their dogs on a visit to me as they traveled cross-country to their new home in Denver, CO. It was taken in spring of 2008 (I think).

Then, alas, my daughter became pregnant and decided to keep a blog of this adventure. She was 32 when this pregnancy adventure began and 33 when it ended and the new mommy adventure began. Now I log on daily just to see the face of "the little man" in Texas and am always excited when a new post awaits me.

I also now log onto several other blogs that I discovered through hers. I am an avid follower of Spicy Magnolia, Kelly, and Jessica McCash. Through their blogs, I have found my way into other interesting blogs and (drum-roll) great online stores--most of them run by young moms and with a small, but handmade inventory. Absolutely cool!

Another factor in my blog endeavor is that my son has started a blog. However, I can't comment on it. I also can't comment on Kelly's or Jessica's because I don't have an accepted account. I won't get into my google account fiasco. Soooooo--what I've thought about since early last summer is now a fruition: I have a blog. I hope I don't regret it.

A note to any readers: I'm not known for brevity, so if you want a "get to the point" blog, seek elsewhere. This is MY BLOG and I will "talk" as much as I want.

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