Sunday, March 28, 2010

Left out --the 6th birthday!


I hit a tab I shouldn't have when writing the following blog, because I can't get back into it to edit it. I even messed up my access to my blog for awhile!
But I'm back on my blog. Some of the pictures are in the wrong order. For example I have Dillon's birth pictures after he's been featured in some pics as a toddler. I also didn't crop some. I caught onto that partway through. I also messed up some of the writing on the pictures. I seriously don't know how to fix it AND PUT the newly edited one in the place of the other. I'm learning by trial and error, but I've had enough for one day.
Shirtly is Shirley---I wrote it in white on one of the Christmas pics. Shirley was my mom and Roy was my dad. The woman on the couch in that picture is Great-grandma Ruth--Peyton's dad's paternal grandmother. She is not a great-great as I may have written. As this point, I don't know!

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