Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Princess

She's our family's princess. Whereas her big sister is more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts and liked Hannah Montana and that whole style, the Irish lass loves to dress up as a princess.  For Christmas,we got her a princess gown complete with tiara and wand and a set of six fancy princess shoes decorated with glitter, bows, feathers, and of course with heels.  She had to put them on all immediately and she kept them on.  She pranced or rather minced about (heels are tough for a three-year-old) waving her wand.  She even negotiated our basement (forbidden territory) steps in those heels.   I was torn between amazement, awe, irritation, and fear.  Respect won-out--after all, it takes co-ordination to hold up a dress, hold onto a rail, and navigate  steep wooden steps in plastic heels and then go back up them!
She loves pink too.

Anyhow, the first picture is of her birthday in May.  I knew there would be lots of gifts and I had the usual anxiety about what to get.  So there I was at Walmart, perplexed.  Then I spotted the dress.  It had butterfly wings on it (detachable). It was totally different from her Christmas princess dress.  There was also a little Barbie type doll, only this was a fairy in a matching dress attached to the big dress. I found a tiara to match the dress.  I also got her a garden tool set complete with  a pretty carry case.  I know, it's not in the usual princess package, but even princesses in today's world like to dig in dirt!  Her daddy had a landscaping business on the side for awhile and he likes being outside working on the yard.  Plus her grandmas and great-grandma have the flower garden "bug."  So I thought the garden set was a good bet.  She liked it.  However, it's the tiara she put on immediately!  She was thrilled.  Our princess.

In my class work that I'm doing, I had to read "The Princess and the Tin Box" by James Thurber.  It's written with his usual irony.  If you're not familiar with it, it's not your typical princess fairy tale.  I think he's mocking the usual ending and gives it a realistic ending with materialism winning out.  It's not love at first sight; she's not in need of rescue; the prince she chooses rides doesn't ride on a white horse, and she doesn't pledge undying love.  I won't say more in case you click below and read it--it's very short.  He ends it with an admonishment to anyone who thought there would be a different ending. 
Now I have to rewrite a fairy tale with mocking irony.  I was stumped, so I had my husband read the story and give suggestions.  He suggested the "Tortoise and the Hare," because in today's technological world, slow and steady won't win.  He gave me several good examples.  So that's what I'm about to work on.
Meanwhile, here's a really good picture of the princess cake.
Here's a glimpse of the dress.  It's bright red with pink gossamer wings.  I cropped it to show off the wings.


  1. what a great time of year for a birthday. it's so much fun to celebrate outside.

    how is the paper writing going?

  2. I'll try again ... the first comment seems to have disappeared.

    Great picture of your little princess sitting by her cake. I hope you'll post your paper once you've finished. Sounds like an interesting assignment although it makes me glad I'm not a student anymore.

  3. The tortoise and the hare is a really good suggestion! Loved the pictures of AJ.

  4. Just adorable! And that princess cake is perfect!

  5. What a charming little princess! I love the way she touches her tiara ever so gracefully, just to make sure it's there. And thanks for the link to Thurber! I look forward to reading it.


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