Thursday, April 5, 2012

Corner View: Work and Play

My Advanced English III class (juniors) have just finished reading
Of Mice and Men.
I bought a teacher's unit to help me with lesson plans
and one of the possible assignments
was to make a
"Wanted: A Friend" advertisement.

Below are the instructions.

I took them to the computer lab
and let their imagination flow.
I have posted just a few examples.

Some of the best ones either had the kids' actual photos of themselves and friends
or had their real phone # or address on them
(which I specifically instructed them not to do).
For privacy reasons, I can't show them.

The result was an assignment that combined work--
specific requirements, a rubric, and a grade---
with a fun time with Word Publisher, art work or photos, colorful font,
and most of all: each student's creativity.


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  1. What a nice assignment - gonna pass this on to one of the higher grade teachers at the little Top's school.

    I gather you too are eager for the Easter break to catch your breath a bit.

    Hope the weather will be nice. We alle deserve a little sunshine!


  2. That is the sort of day's work that makes teaching so rewarding, isn't it?
    Here in England we have two whole week's break over Easter - which is lovely.
    I hope your Easter is truly blessed [and YOU do not need to make an Ad for a friend, because you ARE a friend to so many]

    blessings x

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  4. great assignment.

    (my post this week is also related to teaching... in a sort of loose way, hee hee :)

  5. You are so inventive! I love that you come up with this type of homework in stead of just writing a report on the book. Looks like the kids did a great job.

  6. A great assignment, which I'm sure the students enjoyed . . . and it made them do some deep thinking about friendship and life. Great results, too!

  7. best initiative, i think!
    i'd have loved doing this..
    oh, and by the way? enjoy your easter break though!!!

  8. looks like you've got some budding designers on your hands! what a creative lesson :)

  9. What a great way to incorporate many different aspects into one assignment.

  10. Very nice use of creativity while reflecting on something important.
    Happy Easter!

  11. Not that I would like the book... too serious, and one of my least-favorite authors ... BUT a great assignment. Very creative and personality poured forth.

  12. Hope you had a lovely Easter! (Love the new profile photo :)


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