Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Corner View: Mother

This photo was taken in May of 1997,
the day of my graduation from Muskingum College
in New Concord, Ohio
I was 43 years old.

My strongest advocate is pictured here with me:
my mother.

I have cropped Dad out of this particular shot
because this corner view's topic is "mother."
(The original is in one of my scrap books, so Dad is still in tact there.)

I went back to college at age 39 after an unwanted and devastating divorce.
I had a core group of supporters/cheerleaders/advocates/etc.
But the top one was Mom.
I honestly don't know that without my mom's love, acceptance, encouragement, and food
if I could have made it through
those four tumultous years of
working, going to college, and raising a teenage son as a single mom.

And yes, I said food.
Some evenings after a grueling day,
I would call Mom up and ask if she had enough for a third person.
She always said yes, though at times she'd warn that it would be
"a little of this and a little of that---they were cleaning up the left-overs."

Well folks, Mom's left-overs were delicious,
so I always said "That'll be great, Mom."

Actually, I just needed some TLC and Mama was good at that--
at least at that point in her life and my life.
She was not a perfect mother and I was not a perfect daughter.
But we loved each other and in those last five years of her life,
when I needed her most, she came through for me with flying colors.

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  1. Great tribute to your Mom!

  2. I agree with Mari.

    By acknowledging both imperfection and love, you've covered the essence of mothers and motherhood as I've grown to see it.


  3. She was awesome. I love the picture of the two of you.

  4. what a great story you have to tell. a hard time that shown with this beauty.

  5. Mothers are never perfect, I've come to realize, but she raised a strong woman who reinvented her life when it was needed: she was a very good mother!

  6. This is so lovely Beth. It is a precious gift to have a Mom who loves so unconditionally and supports wholeheartedly.
    We are, none of us, perfect Moms. I am so thankful for the grace that the Father poured into the lives of my children.

  7. this is very lovely!
    thanks for sharing your story!

  8. Wonderful tribute, Beth. I still miss the companionship of my mother.

  9. smiles...this is a beautiful tribute to your mother...and to what all moms mean in the lives of their kids...

  10. Recently another mom was talking about how a child needs an advocate. Only one. And it was then that I clearly realized that one of my greatest roles in my children's lives was to believe in them and be their advocate -- this way that you describe your mother being yours. Thanks for sharing.

  11. beautiful, beth.
    it's good that you could share all of those moments in such honesty nd plainness, which is what matters.

  12. Beth a beautiful post. When I read a bit of someone's life I tried to vision the moment. Your post gave me this vision. I bet when you look at your degree you vision all the love and hands that surround it. Having a strong foundation like your mom (and dad) mad you the special person you are today. :)
    Wishing you fond memories of your mom and a wonderful Mother's Day. xo

  13. i love the redemption in your acknowledging that neither of you were perfect, but you treasured each other anyway. happy mother's day friend!

  14. This is beautiful. Perfect for Mother's Day :)

    (You look so much like your daughter in this photo.)


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