Sunday, May 6, 2012

Corner to Corner gift and misc.

 Francesca of Fuoriborgo posted an idea that originated with her friend Joanne and a Japanese tenugui cloth designed by her.  The idea was to wrap something small in it and send it to the next person on Corner View. That person 'creates' a gift package in the tenugui and sends it on. The tenugui will eventually makes its way back to Francesca where it will stay.

 Corner View participants are from all over the world and many have been a part of it since its inception in mid-April 2009. It is a fun way to connect with others from "distant corners of the world"(Francesca) and many friendships have developed because of it.
Francesca got a list of all of us who wanted to participate and the tenugui wrapped around thoughtful and creative gifts has been traveling the globe.  It came to me about 7 days ago from Elizabeth in Canada. 

I was so excited to see it waiting for me when I got home from school one day!  I immediately opened it and the following photos show what was in the package.

The tenugui is on the left.
The bag that the gifts and the tenugui were in is in the upper right.
The special tag, that was attached to all the other tags, is the fish.
The wonderful gifts are real Maple syrup from close to where Elizabeth lives.
The washcloth and soap were both made by her.

There was a lovely note card explaining it all.
(I don't have a photo of it---ooops!)

Such terrific and thoughtful gifts!
I am very blessed and very happy!
A big "Thank You!" was sent to Elizabeth.

Now I will be sending it on to Heather in Florida
with the special gifts I've assembled for her.
Such fun!

Doesn't she have beautiful handwriting?!

Right now, I'm displaying the washcloth and soap
on an old-fashioned double soap dish
that is hanging on my bathroom wall.
Eventually, I will indulge and use them both.
But for awhile, I will show them off.

Now onto more:
This past Saturday hubby and I took another drive--
to look at houses this time, not barns.

Anyhow, we ended up down at the lake park.
I got my camera out and took shots of this adorable family.
I will share one photo with you for now.


I had planned to participate in Francesca's "Where I live" Friday series,
but alas, I didn't get a post created in time.
However, I will show you what would have been some highlights:

These heavy double wooden doors flank each end
of the long portico that runs the length of most of the front
of First United Methodist Church here in Barnesville.

This church is where my dad pastored for nine years
and where my present hubby and I eventually married.
(I have a photo of us at the top of the many steps leading up to these doors.)

                                       For more "Where I live: doors," check out Francesca's.

Well, that's my 'montage' to update you all and to welcome Monday.

Blessings as you begin the new week!

( I can not click on my spell check, so please forgive this English teacher
if I miss some errors.)


  1. What a nice gift! I love the picture of the ducklings, and that church door is gorgeous.

  2. Elizabeth's soap - lucky you! She's the queen of soap making! Thanks for sharing your (big) little something that came to you via corner to corner, and for joining in where I live.
    PS Do you have Heather's email?

  3. Wonderful gifts :-) I learned how to crochet last summer, just enough to make a few washcloths. Even though i use them and like them, they turned out a little thicker than i would have liked. I have never made soap, but, i just found a recipe for lip balm that looks good.

  4. So fun to see that the Tenugui is making it's way around the world!! And that you received such lovely gifts on the way.

  5. there (has been) the tenugi!!!
    i was wondering this morning where it would be by now, and look!
    but i guess it has now already moved again, hasn't it?
    the soap looks so to have a bite into, and i love the cloth as well.. nice little crochet project for an evening, i should think.
    splendid idea.
    soory i'm so deliriously late to read this....


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