Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Barn Charm #59

Husband and I went for a drive during the power outage last summer.
Our vehicle's air conditioning was what we sought more so than a drive.
He took me down this road I had not been before though I'd driven for many years
the main road from which it branches off.

He was excited to show me this particular barn.
You get a glimpse of it above.
We were backtracking to get photos of it
(someone had been on 'our tail' and we couldn't even slow down).

It appears to be of Dutch origin and is nothing like any other barn I've seen around here.
Check out those colored stone blocks!

Here is the front of it.  It is a 'bank' barn in that a mound of earth rises up as a ramp.
Then the sides are built into a hill. 
It is close to the road---typical of barns here,
 although it's not nearly as close as some I've photographed.

You can see where some branches had fallen off trees in the big storm
that whipped through Ohio back then.
(I cropped out the big tree limb that was near the road.)

Here is the farm house that goes with it.
Lovely place.
The yard was a bit brown due to the extreme heat and lack of rain
that we were experiencing in these parts back then.
This is a smaller, more typical barn that lies between the big barn and the house.
They have a fairly big spread of pasture.
I hope to go back some day when I feel like getting out of the car
and walking the road to get better pictures.
It was just too hot that day
and I knew I'd be going back to a powerless and thus sweltering house.

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  1. i wonder how the owner/farmer decides whether to do a barn on top of the lands or built into the ground. i wonder? so different. great views. (:

  2. I've seen a few barns with that kind of foundation. I assume it would be cooler.
    Love the wonderful shape of this one. What a stately old home to go with it and the other weathered wood barn.
    Hope you're ok with the current storm.

  3. Interesting how the barn is built ino the hill. Lovely old farm!

  4. this is a beautiful both barns. Hope I am participating when you go back for more photos.

  5. It's a good one! It's so unusual and I love the house too.

  6. Really interesting barn. This looks like a lovely old, but well-maintained farm!

  7. I see that both the big barn and the house have good roofing. I hear that when a barn's roof is not maintained the barn will not last.

  8. Are they abandoned? Looks like the front of the house used to have some kind of cover besides what is there, now... sure is charming!

    The barn is a beauty, for sure. I love the huge sliding barn doors & those two side windows! WoW!
    The smaller barn is a beauty, too. Wouldn't mind exploring the property... if it's abandoned, that is, but I'd be too afraid of trespassing, tho. LoL!

    I'm running behind this week, but thank a bunch for joining =)

  9. What a unique barn! I have never seen one like it! It is fabulous!

  10. Glad you had such a nice drive. Always is a treat.


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