Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Barn Charm #69

Last week I began a series of seasonal photos of a group of barns
that are in my favorite photo-taking area out west of my small town.
Barn Charm # 68 featured them in the snow that enveloped us a month ago.

Last Saturday I took a drive hoping to see signs of spring.
What I found instead, was still the brown tinges of remaining winter.
However, I snapped away.

These were taken March 30th.

This is my favorite barn of all that are around here.
It has an Ohio State emblem on the other side 
and a buckeye (our state's nut).
I rarely am able to get a photo of it for a variety of reasons.

It always amazes folks as to how close it is to the road.

I got a first-hand experience with that closeness
as I saw this beauty.
If I had opened my passenger door,
I would have been almost touching the fence with it.

I was so close that it was difficult to get a photo of the doorway 
to the little one's home.

It was a busy day out there and a car came up behind me.
I pulled forward and over a tiny bit (all that I could manage).
I waved him around and then saw that the farmer
was standing back 'a ways' looking indignant and wary.
I then realized he had seen my car come down the hill 
and realized it had stopped by his colt/pony (?).
So I waved and hurried on my way.
(My camera's battery had run out right then too.)

I was unable to get a shot of the 4th barn in the series
as it was across from this one
and there was a group of folks standing in the homestead's yard
close to it.

I will venture out again this weekend as it is supposed to go up in temps
and perhaps some green will be coaxed out to herald in spring.

Meanwhile, hop on over to Tricia's place
and check out more barns.


  1. I love seeing your hilly countryside.
    I have a resident who is a huge Ohio State fan. We hear about it all the time. Both she and her husband went to school there. She would love that barn. :)

  2. I loved the whole trip..thanks for showing us around..Wonderful barn shots and YES it amazes me about the fences etc..I think they use the fence line as a boundary sometimes to their property though. Farmers or people watch us take photos of their places and wonder why we do it.They don't live inside the city where sometimes the houses look all the same. Neat photos.. thanks for showing them.

  3. i squinted my eyes and looked really hard at your photos and saw some green coming in the grass. you will soon be bringing out the mower instead of the snow shovel.

  4. What lovely country roads and great settings for barn photos!

  5. I like the pattern the light and shadows create in the fourth photo. And yes, it never fails to amaze me how close that barn is the road. Yikes!

  6. Loved seeing these in different to get one when everything turns spring green!

  7. Loved your barn tour on the country roads!

  8. i love the leaning fence. great country shots. i bet it is great for dusting up the car. ( :

    have a great week.

  9. It's fun driving around the back roads looking for good photos to take. Then when you find one there are people there or cars coming. I feel like a spy. :) Great barns. I'm sure you'll have some green there very soon. Pamela in Canada

  10. Hi Beth, Great group of barn pictures... We too have stopped to take pictures out in nature --and had people look 'strangely' at us... I always am afraid that they'll get their shotguns out... haha


  11. I love the hilly countryside with the barns right next to the road. Very different from around here. Thanks for sharing.

  12. i really like the shape of the 1st barn, the fence of the 2nd barn & the red of the 3rd... of course, the horse!

    thank you for joining, Beth!

  13. Thank you for a relaxing tour. Beautiful scenery and barns you captured so well.

  14. i know you all have had a long, cold winter. hopefully you'll be seeing some signs of spring, soon! so sorry to read about the fracking, too. that's very depressing :(

  15. Great barns. Love that white one peeking through the trees.

    With the few barns that I've seen sitting that close to the road, I always figure those roads either weren't there at the time the barns were built, or were one lane country roads with little traffic. Then progress came their way.....

    Noteworthy Musings - Barn Charm 129


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