Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Prom and Monday's Prayer

I've known this young lady since she was a new-born.
Her dad has been vice-president of my ex's family company for many years.
I have been friends with her mom before this young lady was born.
She does not go to our high school,
but to a vocational school.
The boy is from our high school,
but goes to the same vocational school as the girl.
I was surprised but pleased to see her there.

The parents gathered inside the convention center and it was a bit chaotic.
Several of us teachers 'new' at these things 
have some different plans in mind for our years,
such as a red carpet
and seats for the parents---outside.
We would like to make it an event
 where the couples get center stage
walking into the prom.

The high school where my kids went
did this.
The fathers were valets.
But we parents did not have seats
and that was fine too.
I wanted to show you the camouflage dress from the front.
This is definitely a 'country' girl's choice--from a hunting family.

The counselor and I were taking pictures of the girls.
I got mine printed today.
Tomorrow Diane and I will put our pics up on a bulletin board
for all to see.
Then when we take it down, the kids can take the pic of their choice.

These colors are so VIVID!

And underneath . . .
The theme was "A Country Tale"
and boots were encouraged.

Diane and I thought this was a cool choice of a dress
that this young lady will be able to wear in college.

The one on the left is usually not flamboyant,
but the one on the right dresses with pizazz at school.
The one on the left has her cell phone tucked into the middle of her top!
Only K. would do that and forget about it for a picture!

Classic model type.

Some of us teachers.
The teacher in the white and black skirt with boots
is our art teacher.
She was the advisor for the prom.
I'm behind her in classic long black skirt
with black heels and a simple gold metallic v-neck.

The prom king and queen begin to dance
as everyone snaps pictures.

They really got into it.
He twirled her around---was fun to watch.
They are good friends but are in long relationships with others.

Then everyone got to join in the dance.
A lot of the boys take their jackets, shirts, and ties off
and just wear their vests on top because of the heat.
The girls take their shoes off.

One huge difference since my high school days
is not just the style.
Yes, we wore long sleeves and modest necklines,
but most of us did not have much to hold up a strapless dress! Ha!

I am constantly amazed at how old the high school girls look today.
It's got to be all the additives and such in our food---surely.

(The counselor Diane got such a kick at of how all the girls
would simultaneously grab their tops and hoist them up
before a picture.
Actually they 'hoisted' them up most of the night!)

Monday's Prayer
Thank You, Lord, 
for Your Infinite love.
Make me an optimistic Christian, Father,
as I place my hope and my trust in You.

Short and sweet and to the point this week!
Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like everyone had fun! I agree - they looks so old now.

  2. what pretty dresses, and i like the boots!

  3. What fun to see these photos of prom :)

    I LOVE the boots!!!

  4. Great prom photos, Beth... Such gorgeous and splashy dresses.... That must be the style this year.... I laughed at your 'hoist' comments....



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