Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barn Charm: # 71

Several years ago I was able to get two quick photos of these barns.
They are on a curve in a hill on my way to school and back.
The best shot of them is to be taken on my way home
when the barns are on my left side --driver's side.

There is road work intermittently along my route to school.
Yesterday a temporary stop light was waiting for me.
I was thrilled to see that it put my stopped car
right beside these barns!

Those of you who are not familiar with hilly landscapes
will wonder at how these are built.
It's called necessity--you go with the lay of the land.
Firs the group of them on a far shot.


Middle shed/barn

One on the right.
This one is in the curve of the road.

Left one.

View to the left of the barns.

If you look closely you can see a pair of black cows.

There is more to this farm.
It has a big farm house and several more small outbuildings.
Then on the other side of the curve
and up behind these barns,
nestled into a flattened out area of yet another hill
is a long, low cattle barn.

Unless hubby drives me there,
I will not be able to get that one.
It is in a spot that will require someone being quite attentive to traffic (hubby)
while the other one (me) snaps the camera.

For more barn views from all around the world,
please check out Tricia's place.


  1. Neat that those barns stand so strong even at the angle they are on. That could NOT have been easy to build but as you is necessary to use the land no matter what it looks like. Now days they would have probably grated it down flat maybe.
    All the buildings have nice roofs and are well painted and taken care of. A very nice bunch of photos..Thanks for sharing them. Great job!!

  2. It really is impressive how they built these to the land requirements instead of grating the land. Glad you got a chance to get these pictures. It's a pretty place!

  3. Really like the first shot. It always adds interest when these barns are built on hillsides.

  4. Very interesting on how they are built to fit to the hillside. Great shots!


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