Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Corner View: Something to Celebrate

My Ohio grandkids' elementary school has
Grandparents Day during which they have "something to celebrate" -
 their grandpaprents.
It is usually in late March or early April.

This is the first year that Mike and I could attend.
It was wonderful!!!
The place was jammed packed full 
of proud grandparents.

The theme was "Footsteps."
The principal. who was quite funny,
talked about how
our grandkids observe us 
and follow in our footsteps.

 First grader Addison singing in her group and at the her table in her classroom.

 Second grader Dillon making us crack up as he tried to follow the motions to the song.
He asked us if we wanted to go on a scavenger hunt in his room, and of course, we did.  The first task was to introduce us to his teacher and shy Dillon did a great introduction.
Another highlight was showing us his favorite book.

 Fifth grader Peyton.
She also danced in both programs, but I wasn't able to get a good picture of that---too many 'old folks' heads! Ha!
All three were thrilled to see Grandpa Mike.  They didn't know he was coming.

Above is a photo of the finale for the 3-5 grades.
They are each holding up two footsteps.
It was in the afternoon;
 the k-2 was in the morning -- 
an all-day event with a 2-hr. break so they could have lunch.

Today was a terrific day --- definitely something to celebrate!

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  1. Hi Beth, So glad you and Mike could go to the Grandparents' Day this year. Your grandchildren are all such nice-looking children. I know how proud you are of ALL of them...

    Have a great Easter.

  2. what a special occasion, and what a great school your grandkids attend!

  3. How wonderful! The Grandma poem is so sweet. (I like their 1st and 2nd grade shirts, too - very cool.)

  4. I bet you had a wonderful time! Those tees are very cute...and so are the kids! It looks like that were quite proud!

  5. What fun Beth. I love attending those kinds of events with the Grands. I stopped by for a quick visit and to wish you a Happy Easter. Have a wonderful day Beth.

  6. glad you got to attend and enjoy.


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