Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday Musings

My husband's family has new members.
His two nieces and his nephew(his girlfriend)
have had babies recently.

The oldest is Avery.
She is 8 months old
and newly baptized.
They had the ceremony this past Saturday 
evening with family and friends present.
There was dinner in the church hall
The pic below was taken 
after a flood of tears
when the pastor took her
and gently laid his hand with a tiny bit of water
on her head.
Oh my, did she get mad!

Chad, Avery, and Kelly
Chad's mom, Robyn is the middle sis of Mike.

Aunt Ruth with baby Tucker.
His cousin Taylin looks on.
Tucker belongs to Megan, the daughter 
of Mike's older sister.
We got to meet two other babies
at Taylin's 3rd birthday party.
  Taylin and Kinsley belong to  Elizabeth,
the daughter of Amy, Mike's youngest sister.

Below is her sister Kinsley.

Here, Taylin's cousin Jenner 
watches with his mom Carli.
His Aunt Jill holds his baby brother (name starts with a J,
but I can't remember it.)

     I didn't hold any of the babies.
I used to take my turn,
but now find that it is physically uncomfortable--
my shoulders, neck, and arms will ache
for quite awhile afterwards.
Were they my grandchildren,
I'd gladly bear the discomfort,
but they are not.
 Besides, their grandmothers and aunts 
were there  
to gladly take a turn.

Aunt Ruth turned 85 yesterday.
Mike, two of his sisters, and I
had a pizza and ice cream cake supper
complete with flowers, balloons,
and other gifts.
She was pleased.
(She lives in Emerald Point,
an assisted living center here.)

Last week's  Ohio PARCC testing
went much better than we had dared hope for.
The first day was rocky,
as 30 of our computers
froze midtest and it was a problem
with the test and not our computers.
A few kids got bumped out
but we were able to get them back in.
Only two kids got themselves booted out
by hitting the wrong button and moving ahead.
That's not bad out of  80 students.

I had the best of my 4 classes---
my  Advanced English I, 8th period.
They were wonderful.

Now this week is scheduling for next year.


  1. Glad you were able to spend time with family. Cute babies! I'm also glad you got that test done with!

  2. The family is growing - same here with my husband's large family. There's often a little one arriving and we enjoy the pleasure of seeing each one when we're over in Italy. They bring joy to my sisters-in-law. That's the main thing. The test using the computer system sounds very complicated. Glad it's over for you although I imagine other tasks such as planning and preparing continue.


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