Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Musings--Spring and Daffodils

Spring is a time of wonder
for me.
How anyone can witness the unfolding of spring
after the 'deadness' of winter
(especially one as brutal as this one)
mystifies me.

This spring I am experiencing a double wonder
as I discover what the previous owners planted.

The 'green-thumber' was the husband.
I  don't agree with a lot of what he did,
but I am loving the daffodils
he planted on the fringes of the land.

The above picture is between two bushes
in front of the living room's big window.
I'm not sure what they are yet,
but am looking forward to the revelation!

The forsythia bushes are beginning to bud.

I have brought spring inside.
I bought some fake daffodils
before I realized how much of the real stuff I would have.
All the photos here feature freshly cut blooms.
The fake ones have been relegated to a corner
where the cat would spill the real ones.

Next to last 'big' test is today and tomorrow for my juniors.
If I'm tired of creating, giving, and grading them,
just imagine how the kids feel.
I call this teaching to a test in conjunction with the new common core curriculum
as 'the dumbing down of America'.
Just saying.

I hope this week has begun well for you
and you will continue to find many blessings
interwoven in the days.


  1. I just love Spring, watching all the plants come to life and seeing new blooms is wonderful! Finding what's coming up at a new place would be lots of fun.

  2. Daffodils always remind me of my mother. These are so pretty as are the vases. Easter blessings, Beth.


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