Sunday, August 17, 2014

Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina and changes at school

 These first few photos are of Biltomore's water garden.  The lily pads were incredible!

The  fish followed us as we walked beside the ponds,  obviously thinking that we had food for them.  We didn't, unfortunately.

 Here are views of the building from a cement bridge/balcony/road set up on the front hill where the first lone pine stood and inspired two men to save it and its land.


 These  photos are of the rose garden.  Betsy, a follow blogger, features these often.  I, however, do not know the names.  They had them marked but I didn't take pics of the markers.

 I especially liked this 'May Pole' set up. for more information.

 We had our first teachers' day Friday.  There have been changes in personnel that have some of us reeling in shock---I'm one of them.  I have a new intervention specialist who came up from the elementary.  She had gone there from the high school and quite a few were glad to see her go.  Now she is back and the usual drama swirls around her.  Her feelings are easily hurt and her method for dealing with kids often undermines her fellow teachers.  Sigh.
The librarian was dealt a blow with a change of duties that require her to be at the elementary teaching key board.  However, since she is not certified, they insist on paying her the usual aide pay for 'noninstructional' work.  Yet that same work was considered 'instructional' when a certified teacher taught it.   The pay difference is considerable as is the teaching.  She told them last year that she didn't want to do it, but they informed her last Thursday that she had to go where they wanted her to and her feelings and preferences were not important.   Meanwhile, they are sending the new librarian up to the high school for three periods of non-librarian work.  None of it makes sense except monetary.   Well, they are most likely going to get her response in the form of a resignation tomorrow.   They overlooked the well-known fact that she doesn't have to work, but likes to.  I dare say some administrators will be stunned.  And that of course will leave the high school without a librarian.  Not a good way to begin a new school year!  Please lift us up in prayer.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Your photos are outstanding... So glad you saw the Roses. We have purchased several of ours after seeing them at Biltmore... We also love the Italian Water Gardens in August... I'll do my entire blog on the Water Lilies and the Lily Pads on Thursday this coming week... Awesome!!!!

    Sorry about the school changes and about the crappy way teachers are treated these days. It's no wonder that more and more people are leaving the profession. SAD!!!!

    Good Luck with the lady assigned to your division. Sounds like a LOSER ---but God will help you work with her (I hope)... Good Luck.

  2. What an incredible place. Great photos. Hope your school year goes better than it appears it could. School begins here the day after Labor Day and there will be both a new superintendent and principal this year.

  3. We visited the Biltmore a few years ago. It's so beautiful, and so are the gardens. Sorry to hear about the situation at school. That sort of thing seems to be going on everywhere. Glad you only have one year left.

  4. The garden is lovely. I can't even imagine the planning and work that goes into such a place.

    As for your work. It's your last year, so enjoy the kids, be one of the kids, and ignore the idiots that are trying to run the place. Have a much fun in the moment as you can. Don't think too far ahead and don't look back. the kids will be fine, just enjoy them, that's what they want and need the most.

  5. Biltmore looks like a beautiful place; the house is like one of those French chateaux with that amazing manicured lawn. I'm sure the water and rose gardens were a delight to walk in. The personnel situation at school sounds unsettling. It's happening everywhere in the public sector as I know from what our daughter experiences in the medical field so lifting you up in prayer, Beth.


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