Friday, August 8, 2014

The last color is ocean for Friday.

Friday is the last day of Francesca's Color Week.  The color is ocean.  I have several examples.
The dress of the girl on the right reminds me of the ocean---a fusion of blues. They are sisters. I imagine there is also coral that green color in an ocean somewhere.

The boy's vest is a vivid blue.  I have never seen an ocean this color, but I've not been anywhere but the Atlantic Ocean off of the Carolinas and Florida and the Pacific off of California.  So maybe this color is out there in some part of some ocean.  It would be beautiful!

 This is me with a student at this year's prom.  I like the blues here for representations of 'ocean'.
 And last is a painting of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine.  My son's great-great-grandma painted this and it is a family heirloom.  This is the only painting of hers that I got to keep in the divorce settlement (she was my ex's great-grandmother).

This wraps up Francesca's Color Week.  It was fun coming up with all the representations.  I hope you enjoyed them.   For more versions of ocean, head over to Francesca's Fuoriborgo.


  1. i have just recently started wearing blue, a color i always though i didn't like!
    thank you for playing along all week, Beth!

  2. Great colors for your photos today... I always enjoy seeing your students all dressed up for the prom. You also look GREAT ---and I'm glad you included a photo of you... TERRIFIC.



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