Sunday, August 24, 2014

More of the Biltmore pus a report on my first week of school.

The first two pictures are inside the arboretum.  The others are of the bushes and  trees on the side of t;he driveway that is on three sides of the rose garden.

  I love the limbs of this tree!
 Another view of the  rose garden.  See more here.

Mike was fascinated with how they trained this tree to grow in that shape.

 A fountain that was in a little outdoor 'hallway' that we used to sit and rest out of the beating sun.

 Isn't this cool?!

They hold concerts with big name entertainers.  The patio to the right overlooks the grounds and you can see Mount Pisgah in the distance when you stand on the far side of the patio.

   We  had our first week of school and it went really well for me.  The inclusion teacher and I had to come to an understanding on how a particular boy would stay in my classroom and not run to her(she has a class the period I have him.)  He needs an aide and we won't establish that if he can hide out in her room.  She's not the best at saying no.  Plus  I  can't help him if he's not in my classroom.  He and I came to an understanding also and he apologized to me for directly disobeying me and running to her.  Two other boys with special needs tried to run to her, but we nipped that and I was able to help them write three-paragraph essays of which they were quite proud.   Then we had a fun day and they all earned suckers.  Those junior boys will do a lot to get a tootsie pop!
    My friend the librarian's aide did quit.  She gave a week's notice. Two aides within the school district bid on it which means they are not necessarily right for the job but one of them will get it due to seniority and the union. I am praying that God has moved on someone who will do a great job for the kids and the staff.
    We have a teachers' day tomorrow and then are off the rest of the week for our county fair.  It will help us get all  our pre-testing recorded and evaluated.
    Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to lift up my last school year.
    Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. That's such a beautiful place. I can't imagine how much work and time has gone into those gardens.
    Glad you made it through the first week, and have some plans for those kids. Praying for you and that the right person gets that job.

  2. Hi Beth, Your Biltmore pictures are gorgeous.. We love to visit there at different times during the year to see various things in bloom. At Christmastime, the Conservatory is lit up with all kinds of Poinsettias, etc... PERFECT.

    Glad your first week went well... Glad you were firm when it comes to having those special needs students in your class. I'm sure you can do a great job teaching them. You obviously are a fantastic teacher, Beth... Sad that the stinkin' politics have taken so much joy out of teaching these days.

    I know that the unions 'try' to do a good job --but they now have so much power --and cause so many problems... It seems that those teachers who need to be fired (because they don't do a good job) cannot be fired these days.. SO---we end up with tons of BAD teachers.... Too bad about this since there are so many GREAT teachers, like you who suffer because of this.

    P.S. Out of your trip to our area, what did you all enjoy the MOST?

  3. if only i could fly over on a whim, i'd fill in in the library! i remember you telling me a while ago school would start up again soon, and here it has, in the meantime.
    those garden grounds look lovely, beth. very english too!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit. Hope your school year goes well.


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