Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Corner View: Beginning

For the topic 'beginning' I chose the beginning of my school year.  Below are some photos of some things that are ready in the room.  The bulletin board below has the syllabus for each of my sets of classes I also have envelopes for late work.  I still have to put my "I can" statements up per each  unit I'm teaching.  The "I cans' are for the students.  The hanging envelopes are for work to be passed out.

 I had the freshmen do bio-poems on themselves. This bulletin board is featuring some of them.

This is the bulletin board where I put up all the team pictures and news articles highlighting students from our high school.  The kids really enjoy this one especially if pics of them are up there  - means they were in the paper.

 This an antique-like sign I bought because I liked the saying.

This is one of my favorite comics where everyone is shouting for her and she yells something only to have them take that and say it all together.

Here is the display window in our high school lobby.  Girls from Student Council put it up.  It  was actually created by other girls two years ago, and I kept everything.
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  1. how lovely with all the notes and billboards, it feels very warm!

  2. so much work goes into schooling before teaching even begins! looks like you're starting your year in the best possible way :)

  3. Beth, You obviously are a wonderful teacher... I read something this week talking about people who were talking about teachers who had made a difference in their lives... I'm sure you have made a lot of differences in many lives through the years. God Bless You...


  4. Looks like a wonderful school. Have a great beginning.

  5. Love your hanging envelopes! And everything is so bright and cheery!


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