Monday, September 1, 2014

Our family of deer and an update

We have a family of deer that feed regularly in our front yard.  I leave corn there for them.  For a long time it was just the doe, but one day she showed up with three fawn.  The littlest one sticks close to Mama. The color is a bit off in this photo.

 The two older ones usually are together although occasionally one will wander off by itself.
The doe will wait patiently for me to walk out and spread the corn.  I talk to her the entire time in what I hope is a soft, soothing voice.  The fawns will hide while I'm walking around, but she stands a distance away from me and watches and perks her ears at my voice. My son's children have enjoyed spreading corn out for the deer and filling the bird feeder then hanging them up in the morning.  At the end of the day we spread more corn and take the feeders inside the garage so the raccoons don't get them.

We have had the grandchildren here a good bit this summer and it's been a good 'taste' of what will be possible after I retire.  Two of them have spent the night by themselves.  Addison will get her turn in two weeks.  It's especially nice having one on one time with each of them.

This week has been busy.  I went into school on Tuesday and worked on filing all the stacks of papers from last year or at least organizing them enough that my aides can take over when we return tomorrow. (We have been off for a week for the county fair.) I got all my copies made for the first  three days, so I won't be vying for copier time with the other teachers.

Mike and I went shopping for a vanity top for our downstairs bathroom.  I will feature that another time.

Saturday I had four teacher friends over to see the house, eat dessert, and visit.  No pictures were taken though.  We had a wonderful time catching up on each other's lives as two of them are retired and another one is the librarian aide who resigned.  The fourth one is the counselor at my high school.  Her office is a haven  if things get too crazy.  All are dear friends and I so enjoyed having them over.

 Sunday I took dessert to Doug's house where we met  his 'girlfriend' and her daughter.  We were there for two hours and had a nice time visiting.  Doug is thrilled with the relationship and I can see why.  She appears beautiful inside and out.  Her daughter is nine so she's Dillon's age.  He went to his room to play as he was a bit overwhelmed with five females present!

 Doug and Melissa
Doug, Dillon, Addison, Peyton, Melissa, and Maddy (Melissa's daughter)
at Cedar Point several weekends ago.

Doug took this one on Lake Erie.
He had his boat up there for a weekend.

That brings us to today. I have more grading to do and a curriculum  map to complete.  It is drizzling out and is overcast---excellent for staying inside and getting things done.

Happy Labor Day!  I hope your week is wonderful!


  1. We love the deer also--but don't feed them since that will encourage them to come closer to our yard. We do NOT want them eating our flowers/shrubs, etc... Actually, today 5 were in our front yard --but we scared them away before they munched on some roses... The group of 5 are 2 does and 3 fawns. Gorgeous creatures..

    I hope your school year goes well. I know your friends enjoyed seeing your home. And I'll bet a lot of talking about school was going on in that group. ha

    Have a good week..Happy Labor Day... Hope you are having a great day. We finally got some rain here this weekend (which we needed)--but this week promises to be a hot one... I'm SO ready for Fall...


  2. Enjoyed seeing the photos of your deer. They've been scarce here this summer. Sounds like you are ready for your new school year. Have a good one!

  3. Lovely deer - do you have to watch them around Ginger, or does she leave them alone?


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