Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ready for Fall-- Photos of Barns and Countryside and Five-Minute Friday

 The five-minute prompt is "Ready."  My post is at the end of the photos.  I decided to highlight some of my  fall countryside and barn pictures.  The three barns are some of my favorite ones.

 This is my husband's family farm.  It  has long been in other folks' 'hands', but he still refers to it as Grandpa and Grandma Butler's farm.  I use the photo to the right on the back of the photo cards I make with my barn pics.
 The color below is hard to believe but it's real and not due to 'playing with the camera'.

 This was one of the first set of barn photos I made.  It remains one of my top five favorites.
I have not made a card with this one, but may do so the next time I create my note cards.

 This is leaning a bit more towards winter but I love the faded red of the barn.  It's stuck back on a hillside behind a much bigger barn that demands attention but is not as picturesque as this one.

Five-Minute Friday: Go -
I'm ready for fall
for the crisp air,
the vivid reds, oranges, and yellows
of the leaves and plants
as the earth prepares for winter.
I'm ready for the bright pumpkins
and bumpy gourds that
gather in wooden bowls,
mums clustered on
bales of hay
while the scarecrows
buddy up to decorate
the front yard..
It's almost Pumpkin Festival time,
big 'doings' in this small town;
my front yard exhibit
is done
with the  help
of an Irish lass
I call my granddaughter.
I am ready for fall.

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  1. Wonderful, vivid autumn colors. Thanks for sharing these scenes.

  2. Oh, the colors are beautiful! I"m wondering if you live in the northeast. Such vivid colors that we don't get to see out west. I too love photography and taking pictures of barns. You have some beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
    Debra (

  3. Beth, I'm sending this note again -- can't figure out where my first one went! I'm so happy to have found you -- through happenstance and geography -- my 5-min. next to yours. Your photos are beautiful; I simply want to move into them. I can feel the autumn air. And your poetry -- I'm not a poet, never could write poetry, but I enjoyed yours so much. Nancy (word waltzer)

  4. These are beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous photos. That one you mentioned as being good for a note card DEFINITELY is fabulous... You DO need to make that one in to a note card sometime...

    All of the pictures are great --and like you, I am also ready for some pretty Fall colors... Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the writing about Autumn and the photos of the barns during the season.
    I enjoyed seeing the rustic scenes of barns and farm buildings that are special to you.

  7. What stunning pictures! I live in the Northeast and fall is my absolutel favorite season of the year. Visiting from FMF today...enjoy your week!

  8. i'd go completely and totally mad and bonkers, if i'd live anywhere close to anywhere with so many barns in the picture... i'd be out snapping them all the time. there's something comforting about barns, i believe.
    yes, beth. now you've conquered the garden, you will triumph in drawing! ;))). it struck me, for me, the analogy of letting myself remove certain inner limits and convictions to discover i can do it (something a sport's man of woman will most probably confirm); i can actually do it, if i put my mind to it. but you already knew that from your own life and school experiences, so the drawing and the painting will be FUN besides intention.
    retiring? oh, you will miss school!
    yes! wild shamrock! :)))
    thxs for your support already... for today's cv i've recycled last weekend's post. you'll see...
    tara, n♥


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