Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas and New Year

 This was taken over Thanksgiving.  It was our Christmas celebration with Sara and her family from Texas.

Dillon wanted a Seattle Seahawks Marshon Lewis football jersey.
It was his most wanted gift and we were able to give it to him.

Grandpa and Dillon 'hulking' for the camera!

 I bought Doug's crew all a Santa scene Lego set and they were quiet and busy as they put them together.  We had Doug and his crew over the Saturday before Christmas.

 We iced cookies together after opening presents and eating Subway for dinner.  I was able to enjoy the time with them and not stress over food preparation.  Everyone loved it!

 Our kitchen is a gathering place despite there being limited  seating.  The evening was drawing to a close here.

 Next are some of my decorations:

 My snow babies.

 Mom's antique ornaments, of which I meant to give some to my brother this past summer.  I will still mail him some if he's interested.

 More of my angel collection.
Just a few Christmas items are placed among the Precious Moments.

 Also in the dining room.  The ceramic tree was my mother's made and given to her by my Aunt Eleanor.  She then gave it to me when they downsized.

 This is the first year in over 12 years that I've been able to set out my village under the tree.

My mantle had some of my Santa collection on it.

This manger was bought for my older brother Roy's first Christmas.  It is 68 years old. I was always fascinated with it, so Mom eventually gave it to me.  Pieces have been broken and paint is chipped, but I don't want a different, newer version.  I cherish this one.

 Even my bathroom got some holiday cheer!
It's taken me awhile to start blogging again.  I took a long break so I could get caught up on a lot of other things.  I succeeded with most of them.

New Year's Eve we spent a quiet evening at home with Chinese take-out.  We watched shows that we had DVRed.
New Year's Day we first cheered Oregon on to victory and then rooted for Ohio State.  In the play-off game, we will be rooting for Ohio State over Oregon.

I hope to continue posting. I hope all is well with you all.  Tomorrow, we return to school.  Is it terrible that I'm hoping for a snow day?!


  1. Love the family pictures and the joy that shows in all of them! I also love your decorations, especially the old ornaments.

  2. not terrible at all to beg for snow, i always do, but it seems we're not getting any at all, for now! i hope your wish is coming true. you've had a ball, over the x-mas period, i'm glad for y'all! and wishing you a wonderful new year of 2015. thank you for the tips you wrote in your comment, beth! i do believe in longhand writing... n♥

  3. Good to see you here again and hope the New Year is a good one for you.

  4. what a beautiful holiday together with your family!
    hope the new year brings more joy in your work, beth.


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