Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our first snowfall and no school!

 Our first snowfall combined with extremely cold temperatures has cost our school district four snow days! Monday was professional development for the teachers; therefore, our students have not been to school since before Christmas!  I'm sure they will be quite 'social' when they return!
(For those of you wondering why: our roads are largely narrow country roads that climb  up and down steep hills.  When the temps drop, the snow remains.  It also piles up on the sides of the road making an already narrow road even more so. I've held my breath passing a school bus or a fracking truck going the opposite direction before and that was without snow!)

The woods that edge our back yard.

The woods across the road in front of our home

We have many huge pine trees in our front and side yards.

The front door is to the left, but we actually go in the kitchen door which is in the section on the right.
We consider the front of our house to be where you can see the bay windows peeking out.

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