Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Topsy Turvy

Wouldn't it be great if--

when life became topsy-turvy--
We could do a hand stand and all would be right again, simply in looking from that viewpoint?!

For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord;
walk as children of Light.
Ephesians 6:8



  1. Good thinking, friend. And another phase of hope that as "topsy-turvy" as life becomes for us HE is always there to bring us to the place of balance. Counting on HIM is all that counts... and I need to always have that before my eyes.

  2. I love the picture!! And those days!

    Hands down funniest moment this year. I had a gifted sophomore boy who told me he had it all figured out--Boo was Scout and Jem's father!! Biting my lip I asked why he thought that. He said the line "Boo's children needed him." In the words/letters of my students: OMG!!! I am still laughing!

    We're watching the movie. The kids are so disappointed at what is left out!

  3. I'm starting a new devotional series at the Moonboat on the weekends, derived from the book I am writing. It will replace the posts at Light for My Lamp.

    You can read about it at Light for My Lamp today. Just wanted you to know.

  4. It's good to get another perspective on things ... especially when they seem upside down.


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