Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Barn Charm

Today I'm participating in Barn Charm.
I became interested in it thanks to Mari's 365 Days blog.
I didn't realize just HOW MANY barns I pass every day
until Mari got me thinking about it.
I've always been fascinated with barns
and now that I've become fascinated with photography,
the two make a perfect match.

I pass this one every day to and from work.
I come around an abrupt and dangerous curve going to work,
so I could only get shots of it coming from work.

On Rt. 147 in Noble County, Ohio ---very near to Seneca Lake
(just back over the hill about 5 miles)

For other barn shots, check out Bluff Area Daily for Barn Charm.


  1. i love old barns... and your photos of this one are just beautiful. the second photo is my favorite - i love the way you've captured the play of light and shadow along the sides and the roof. you should frame it.

  2. Welcome to Barn Charm! It's so nice to see new people joining & this is a beauty to start out!!!
    I love the dark worn wood, very appealing to me!

    Hope to see ya back real soon!!! =)

  3. this is a beauty of a near relic, interestingly with freshly mown lawn around it!

  4. Sometimes photography opens our eyes to the world around us, doesn't it?! I love these photos . . . this beautiful old barn is unique in that it has three levels!

    Hope you are enjoying your school's-out "freedom"!

  5. Beautiful barn. It would be great if someone renovated it - so mush space and charm there!

  6. I'm so glad to see you joined us! I love this barn - it's truly full of charm!

  7. Welcome to Barn charm...I love this rustic and charming!

  8. so many of the barns in this area have seen their better days but still hold a fascination ...

  9. LOVE! Love all the green grass as the back drop for this gorgeous old barn :)
    Smiles and welcome to barn charm.

  10. i like barns too.
    wooden barns. they have a very special feel to them...
    to look at as well as to be inside.

    i hear that the key is to keep a good roof on them.
    looks like this one has a good roof.

    glad that you are enjoying photography.

  11. I did join corner view for today... thanks for the suggestion! (and I have NO idea whether that fiddler crab is a he or a she. it looks like a he, to me :)

  12. These are wonderful shots. I, too, pass some wonderful old barns going to and form school each morning, and now am beginning to think of them almost as my own. I love pulling off the road in different weather and shooting them. I have now gotten to where I will actually go up to the owners and ask them is I can take a picture to document their barn. They always tell me I can and seem happy to have me there. I do love my barns!

  13. That's a great barn. It needs a little TLC (maybe more than a little), but it's still great.



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