Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corner View: Box of Tricks

The theme for Corner View this week is
 "A Box of Tricks."

The intention was for each of us to interpret that any way
we wanted.

This should be an interesting week!

I have two suitcases that I keep full of special 'stuff'.

 This suitcase was part of the set
given me by my parents when
I graduated from high school.
That was 39 years ago.

This suitcase was mine when I was a little girl a long time ago.

You can see the age not only in the metal but also in the design of the latches.

Inside these two suitcases I keep clothes, scarves, aprons, and jewelry.
Some were mine; some were my mother's, some were my daughter's,
and some of all three were made by my mother.

The old blue suitcase from my childhood has special lacy-type
tissue paper, a bag of potpourri, and two pages of explanation
on top of the clothes and other treasures.

The items are all for dress up. 
My daughter had hours
of fun with these.
Some of the items came from trips
her father's parents took
all over the world.

The vests and hat in these two photos
are examples of those.

The majorette dress was part
of a play outfit that she wanted
and received as a gift.
Note to daughter (who reads my blog), "Sara correct me
if I'm wrong."

 This was a kimono my mother-in-law brought back from a trip for me. 

This dress was part of a princess outfit my mother made
for my daughter for Halloween.
There is a cape and wand that go with it.
(Mom made the wand too.)
They are shown in the last two photos.

 Mother made this pink dress for me for May Day
at my high school my senior year.  We senior
girls danced around the May Pole. I think we
were in a girls' club of some sort headed by
the eccentric English teacher Mrs. K.

Here is a glimpse of some scarves.
I actually put some back in my closet;
they are back in style!

Here is an over view before I folded everything back up
and put them away in the suitcases.
There is much more that I didn't 'highlight'.

A few pieces of jewelry my mother
gave Sara to play with.  I'm fairly
sure mother was
responsible for turning
 my blue suitcase into
a treasure case for
my daughter to play
Sara liked to dress up in my mom's
and my dresses and pretend to
be a secretary or a business woman.
There were high heels and purses too, but they have disappeared.

Clip-on earrings of mom's.  She eventually pierced her ears.

Ta Da!!!

My middle granddaughter is shown playing dress-up.
She spent five days with me last summer.
One afternoon I surprised her
with my suitcases of tricks and treasures.
The trick part is being able to 'become'
anyone you want to be.
The treasure part is that each item
has a special significance and memory.

The cape and wand in these pictures
belong to that one dress that mom made Sara.

Addy Jane at 3 years of age.
The heels are princess ones.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation.
Thank you mlle paradis for choosing this fun theme.
Thanks to Francesca for showcasing everyone's.
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  1. I just love this! It's a great idea and a good way to save some treasures!

  2. I love how the suitcase is filled with the past to be enjoyed with the future. Your granddaughter is a cutie. xo

    P.S. your welcome my friend (your comment on my blog).

  3. this is a funny thing : i can almost smell the contents of those dress up havens : promise, excitement and a little bit of (fairy) dust...

  4. i LOVE this post! so glad you got so inspired - but you obviously have great stuff to work with. i can smell it too - and you took me right back to your granddaughter's age when i used to do the dress up thing with my two little brothers! ha-ha!

    i look forward to seeing your plans for the DIY house!

  5. That was GREAT. I don't remember the red outfit, but I'm sure you are right.

  6. great post ... and so many nice things in those suitcases :)

  7. What a gift in this throw-away world ... your treasures have become ours.

  8. Wonderful to let us have a look into your secret suitcases! I would have loved to dress-up, too!! ;o)

  9. Your suitcases are a child's dream, and, actually, would be my dream too:)

  10. What treasures those suitcases hold. Your granddaughter looks so cute in her getup!

  11. What treasures in your suitcases! Keep it safe!

  12. Loved, loved, loved this Beth! When I was a little girl (okay - and not so little) I love playing dress-up. What wonderful treasures.

  13. Wonderful ! More than a box... a safe, a time machine ??? and an angel ?
    Nice post

  14. GREAT interpretation of this theme. And how lovely that you keep these treasure boxes of memories and fun!

  15. Suitcases filled with memories! What fun!
    Have a happy holiday weekend!

  16. Hello, We are home from our wonderful trip... We loved it --but there's nothing like HOME.

    Love seeing all of the old suitcases (I had some similar) full of memories... So many things like that have disappeared from my past... Wish now that I had kept more.. Oh Well!!!!

  17. I love that there are notes in there describing the items. My MIL does that too. It has helped us get an idea of who in the family owned what and why, what things were used for, etcetera.

    Also, I think our Top4 would LOVE to dress up with these darling items!

  18. that's a treasure box, that is!
    those are the best :)


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