Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Corner View: Destination--clothes, cats, and dryers

Destination: A place to which a person or thing is going or is being sent to.

What goes in a clothes dryer?
A. clothes    B. food       C. cats
Easy answer: A. clothes

Where do clothes go when taken out of dyer?

They are folded in stacks or hung on hangers. 
 I hang up a lot of my tops; they don't wrinkle that way.

What do cats do the most?

Where do they like to sleep?
On their owners' stuff.

In this photo, Scruffy is sleeping on a pile of dirty rags
and garden gloves --she loves the scent.
Safe, secure, comfy, right?

What happens when husband comes home from his last trip
hauling our stuff back from Cincinnati?
Scruffy gets up and I turn away from unloading dryer
and hanging tops.

I open door to peer out as there is no window by the dryer.

I decide to go meet him.
What happens to clothes?
I toss them back in dryer and  turn it on to keep them from wrinkling.

Normal routine stuff that makes up a day, right?


I went out to meet Mike with my camera in hand.
He had the last load of his 'important' stuff.
See here.

After a quick hug and kiss, he goes into house to get something.

Next I hear, "Beth, you need to come in here. Your cat was in the dryer!"
Me, as it hits me what the dryer was doing: drying clothes, "Oh no!"

I run for the house.
A disgruntled, frightened, FLUFFY Scruffy is panting frantically
as Mike tries to hold her and soothe her.

She sees me and jumps out of his arms and away from me.
He is her hero.
I am her enemy.

Yes, folks, she crawled into the dryer in the few seconds that I grabbed my camera.
She has only done that twice in the past few months.
NEVER before has she done that and she's 7-years-old.

So I didn't think to check the dryer. 
I just shoved clothes back in, shut the dryer door, and punched the knob in.

(The photo of clothes is not of that actual day. 
A big pile was  in the dryer instead of the almost empty image in this post.
The clothes were not white, but instead all dark colors.
Scruffy is dark.)

Mike said she was initially so hot, he drew back from his first touch.
He also said she shot out of the dryer like a torpedo.

How did he know she was in there?

He heard a thumping and nothing was in the washer.
George (Scruffy's brother) was standing by the dryer looking at Mike
with the "Scruffy is gone, in trouble, being bad, etc." look
and meowing the same message.
(George has a particular cry that alerts us that something is up with Scruffy.
He's such a good brother, except when he wrestles, pins, and nips her.)

That's when the realization hit:
Thumping in dryer.
Scruffy is gone, in trouble, being bad.
Oh---Scruffy is in dryer.

Not the proper destination for a cat, would you agree?

It took a half hour for her breathing to return to normal,
her frantic panting to calm,
and her racing heart beat to slow.

It took almost two hours for her to look at me
or come to me.
She was not happy that I captured her and took her upstairs.

When I set her down on the cool tile floor,
she crawled underneath the table
and turned away from me each time I tried to stroke her head,
where she most likes to be petted.

In the end we made up.
But Mike is still her hero.
Mine too.

The obscure white half-oval shape is a bowl of water.

For more corner views check out Francesca's.

After more consideration and comments, I decided I'd best tell
that this was a month ago and she has been and is quite fine.
But she stays away from the dryer now.   
(By the way, Scruffy never has to rescue George.)


  1. Oh Beth, I'm glad it ended well. I can't help but smile though. Casts are just ... can't think of the right word...aloof comes to mind :-)
    Have a blessed day dear Beth.

  2. oh dear - destination not so much - major discombobulation for cat and cat family i would say yes! poor thing. no more drying riding advised!

    hope today is a better day!

  3. Goodness, what a scary adventure for poor Scruffy! So glad it didn't last too long (also glad that the last trip moving stuff was made!).

  4. Oh wow - that's scary! I can see our cat doing something like this too. I'm glad Scruffy is ok!

  5. what a story! and what a lucky cat!

  6. You always have amazing stories :)

  7. oh my goodness!!! i'm so glad she's okay! i thought you were just going to say that she liked to sleep in there on top of warm clothes...

  8. It's fortunate that cats have nine lives!!!!

  9. whoa, this story could have had a completely different ending, and I'm relieved it has the best one possible. Having lived with cats all my life, nothing they could do would surprise me. I'm happy things are back to normal after Scruffy's dryer ride.
    I want to thank you for your kind words left on my blog -they touched me deeply. Though growing up where and how I did was wonderful, it has always set me apart; to bridge that gap, or difference, if you will, hasn't always been easy. Had I stayed in that rural community no adjustments would ever have been necessary - there I fit right in and there's a comfort level that is immeasurable.
    That wasn't the case however. I did move away. So your story today about the farm kids you teach and how grounded they are made me feel...really good. Like less of a misfit. I could never sit at a social gathering here in the city and tell some of my childhood stories and have them understood or even appreciated. And it isn't that my friends don't love me, it's that they have no clue how different life is in a small town versus the city. It is so foreign to them and grasping that reality just isn't possible. I think I've spent a good part of my life with a small chip on my shoulder because of that difference, and feeling as though I was "less than". thanks for easing that a bit and helping me to have a different perspective. thanks a whole lot.

  10. What a hoot! fluffy scruffy :-)

  11. wow, yeah. destination completely unexpected. you don't want this kind of thing to happen to you, and then it does...
    cats! mind of their own, i'll say...

  12. heaven! she has had whole hordes of guardian angels! i hope she prefers to dry outside in the sun next time...

  13. what a dramatic story ... nice to know it ended happily :)

  14. You are kidding! Oh my...I am SO glad Mike found him!


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